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Actress Anna Stropnická married her colleague Jan Grundman over the weekend. Two years ago, in an interview for Novinky.cz, she revealed that she would like to settle down, because she feels she has found the right one.

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However, several problems arose with the organization itself. Anna’s parents are divorced and have new partners. Also, his father Martin Stropnický has a girlfriend Marketa, but he is still officially married to Veronika Žilková and for many years they formed a big family with him and his children.

Ultimately, the Stropnickis decided to ban all current and former loves from participating. “My ex-husband and I have agreed to leave our loved ones at home and not bring them to the wedding. What are our children to our lovers?” the mother of the bride, Lucie Borovcová-Stropnická, said for Blesk.

And the children of Žilka also did not receive an invitation, although they knew the children of Stropnický well and met as half-siblings. The bride’s grandmother, Dagmar, also commented on this. “My daughter Lucie, former son-in-law Martin and all the Žilks have warm blood in them. Certain things would surely start to be resolved, and it wouldn’t be fair to the newlyweds,” she said, adding that the wedding was ultimately beautiful, relaxed and without any conflict.

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Veronika Zilkova and Martin Stropnicky
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