Why has Mercedes-Benz S-Class been the leader in luxury cars for half a century? It turns out that the key lies here!

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It turns out that Ben Shi thinks differently from you. Innovation is the core value

Starting with the first internal combustion engine car in 1886, Mercedes-Benz has changed the way of movement based on animal power in the past, making cars the main means of transportation used by humans. After changing history, Mercedes-Benz continues to innovate. In the 130 years since the invention of the car, Mercedes-Benz has always put people first and provided passengers with the best experience. Although the vehicle has changed, the pursuit of luxury, comfort and safety has not changed.

Mercedes-Benz believes that “providing the ultimate experience for passengers and giving the highest respect for life” is the role that cars should play, and it is also the core value of the company. For this reason, Mercedes-Benz has never stopped, and continues to carry out technological innovation and breakthroughs, only to present the best mobile experience to the protagonist of the mobile process – “people”.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury car leader

The flagship RV speaks for the super value of the S-Class for the car industry

The history of Mercedes-Benz is like the epitome of the development of automobiles, setting milestones for automobile development time and time again. Every innovation of Mercedes-Benz’s car manufacturing projects represents a breakthrough in the technology of the car industry, and the most iconic one is the meaning of the calibration of the flagship model.

Every car fan who is familiar with the development of automobiles should know: “A car brand controls and determines the direction and value of the brand through its top flagship models.” This law was led by Mercedes-Benz and followed by other car manufacturers. After that, it developed into the tacit understanding of the car industry so far.

Therefore, the Mercedes-Benz flagship model can be said to be the crystallization of innovative breakthroughs in car manufacturing technology. Since the Simplex 60 established Mercedes-Benz as the leader in the luxury car industry, and opened the way for the future S-Class. In the 1920s, Nürburg was equipped with the first eight-cylinder engine of Mercedes-Benz, and the independent suspension system introduced by Grand Mercedes. The W189 300 series has the rear axle automatic high-level adjustment function, and the W111 220 series has become the first car model in the history of the car industry to be equipped with a collapsed body design, etc., which not only laid an excellent foundation for the flagship car series S-Class that took over later, but also It clearly shows that Mercedes-Benz is leading the development of the automotive industry with innovative safety technology.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury car leader

The birth of the first-generation S-Class in 1972 opened up a new naming method, but Mercedes-Benz continued to insist on changing the car world with technology. The first-generation W116 is equipped with the ABS anti-lock braking system, which is indispensable for contemporary automotive safety technology, which greatly improves the ability of the vehicle to avoid danger when decelerating. The ESP® electronic control system, which has been in existence for more than 25 years, has greatly increased the stability and safety of the vehicle through methods such as power distribution and brake intervention since it was installed in the S-Class.

The W220 car series is first equipped with the DISTRONIC intelligent speed-fixing and ranging assistance system, which has raised the speed-fixing system to a new level again, greatly reducing the physical burden of driving, and can automatically judge the traffic situation ahead and automatically decelerate or accelerate, on a safer basis to make the journey easier and more enjoyable. The PRE-SAFE® active safety protection system launched in 2002, through actions such as automatic tightening of seat belts, automatic seat adjustment, automatic closing of side windows and sunroofs, etc. lowest.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury car leader

Continuing to uphold innovation and the impact of Mercedes-Benz on the present and the future

Today, when the S-Class has gone through half a century of evolution and entered the seventh generation, the S-Class, code-named W223, is based on the technological and safety heights established by its predecessors, and infused with Mercedes-Benz’s innovative manufacturing. Car technology provides passengers with top-level safety protection from a more forward-looking perspective. Just like the precautionary safety thinking in the past, the safety protection of the contemporary S-Class is more focused on preventing accidents before accidents happen. The Intelligent Drive intelligent driving assistance system that is second to none in the car industry, through such as intelligent driving assistance and driving attention assistance , crosswind stability assist and other functions help the driver maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front while maintaining a correct and safe route, and can also remind the driver to take a proper rest.

The evasive steering assistance and active collision avoidance assistance in the Intelligent Drive intelligent driving assistance system, including intersection traffic recognition, active intersection steering and braking assistance, etc., are the best helpers for dodging danger in crowded urban road environments; In the road environment, it is also equipped with functions such as intelligent parking assistance including 360-degree panoramic photography, active blind spot assistance including vehicle exit warning assistance; when accidents are unavoidable, Mercedes-Benz’s unique PRE-SAFE® active safety protection system , rear seat SRS auxiliary airbags, etc., will exert the maximum effect and minimize the damage.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury car leader

In addition to creating the safest mobility process, Mercedes-Benz also demonstrates the attitude of connecting the present and the future through the latest generation of S-Class. Whether it is the Mercedes me connect interconnection system or the MBUX multimedia system, the modern people’s mobile phone and the vehicle’s more closely integrated functions, such as remote connection/unlocking and checking the vehicle status. In addition, by saying “Hello, Mercedes”, you can activate the natural and intuitive voice control system, allowing you to operate various functions of the vehicle more humanely, and you can also narrow the distance between technology and humans through augmented reality display.

On the contemporary S-Class, it not only once again realizes Mercedes-Benz’s ability to define the height of the car industry with forward-looking technology and innovation, but also makes Mercedes-Benz the global luxury car brand champion for seven consecutive years because of its ambition to connect with the future world , this championship trophy not only affirms Mercedes-Benz’s car-making strength, but also symbolizes the communication and thinking between Mercedes-Benz and consumers, the sustainable development of the brand as a whole, and continues to maintain its leading position.

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