When a freshman chooses his first job, should he lock in a big company or a small company?

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When newcomers choose their first job or change jobs, they often ask whether it is better to choose a large company or a small company? Such a question seems to be a similar decision in the process of studying, should we choose the community high school near our home, or the best high school in the city? However, the difference between job hunting and schooling is that schooling means that we pay money to learn, but job hunting means that we hope that the company can spend money to buy what we have learned, including the accumulated experience and skills, as well as the potential to work with the company .

As myself who has worked in a multinational company with 50 people or more than 10,000 people, looking back on my past experience, whether it is a small company or a large company, I have given myself different vision, training and experience. For a small company, because of the flat hierarchy and transparent organizational structure, the speed of decision-making and response is indeed much faster than that of a large company. Guide or lead by hand, or when a project hits a wall, you can get immediate assistance, just like a clinic near home. When you have a cold, just register and wait for a while, and you can see the doctor immediately.

However, the advantages of a small company are also its disadvantages. Due to the limited scale and manpower, the cases that can be undertaken and the scale of customers served are often also relatively limited. Most of the small companies’ services to customers are project-based services, or they undertake projects with small budgets. The advantage is that it helps to hone the basic skills of professionals in the workplace. For large-scale projects, it is often possible that the growth rate of ability and vision will slow down as the scale of the project remains unchanged.

Large companies have strict systems, clear division of labor, and even more internal/external learning resources. The people working in it are like a landmark on the Google Map. It is possible to form a complete image of the project only by being closely connected with other people in the company.

The benefits, clear text system, brand reputation and halo of well-known customers in the industry given by large companies often give workers the illusion that they are also part of the halo. However, the fact is that, just like the recent Twitter layoffs, the direction of the big ship does not change with a single sailor, it is always the sailor himself who will change, and even the senior executives may be dismissed at any time, not to mention Individual workers in an organization.

Therefore, choosing a large company or a small company should not be a matter of choosing one or the other. It is more necessary to consider your own personal skills, qualifications and current life style, and this may also be a process of dynamic career movement. .

It’s as if we are planning our own self-help travel. Whether it’s walking, taking a car, taking a train, taking a boat or an airplane, every stage of the process is to bring ourselves closer to our destination, and some unexpected things may happen Whether it’s a railroad strike, a plane being rescheduled due to a mechanical failure, or a car that should have arrived, it’s like there are accidents in your career.

Therefore, how to keep yourself flexible and adaptable, so that you have the freedom to choose no matter what the situation is, may be more important, and let the experience of a large or small company become a milestone in your career. not the end.


Sharing is Caring