Want to become a 5G talent? “Playing and Learning 5G ∙ Be Shining” takes you to the forefront of 5G applications and finds your place in 5G

The way of 5G talent layout
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Salamanders are a species with 38 times more DNA than humans, but they use “rottenness” as the secret to long-term survival. But in the face of pursuing a better and more civilized future, the well-known knowledge-based fan page “Strange Things” portrays him as a character who can rewrite the wisdom of the previous generation into his DNA by virtue of his learning ability.

Also facing the new era of 5G, no matter how smart you were in the past, you still have to rely on innovative channels to learn new knowledge. The “5G + Industry Rising Star Sail Project” promoted by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs happens to be a program that can accelerate the rapid development of industrial talents. The best choice for iterative transformation.

The “5G + Industry Rising Star Sail Project”, which has been implemented for three years, adheres to the original intention of helping the industry to accelerate the development and application promotion of 5G cross-disciplinary talents. Nowadays, whether it is a valuable opportunity to link students with corporate internships, or It is the 5G field of vision and field application that empowers industry professionals. Both have remarkable achievements and performances, and truly practice the planning strategy of “industry-proposed problems, talents in actual combat”.

Judging from the results of this year’s plan, not only did 39 companies and 48 schools, a total of 258 students from colleges and universities participated in the grand event and enthusiastically signed up, after going through many hurdles such as review, approval, matchmaking and interviews, In the end, 30 companies released 43 5G-related topics, and successfully matched 123 new industry stars, who will enter enterprises in the second half of this year to launch 5G-related topics.

And these 5G thematic content of industry-university cooperation will be held on November 30 in Building A2 of Taipei Manufacturing, a bottle cap factory, with the theme of “Playing and Learning 5G ∙ Be Shining” to show the eye-catching results to the outside world. As the first results presentation after the reopening of borders, how can 5G applications link industries and promote more opportunities for communication and matchmaking during the actual combat of these topics? And what are the highlights of the exhibition area that you should not miss, and take you to master it once.


#选择展示: Leading companies join hands with the academic community, and the achievements of 5G industry talent development are disclosed

But where do these innovative 5G application ideas come from? In the “Special Booth”, you can not only see the complete project introduction, but also have a glimpse of the special application display of 5G talent development and the window display of enterprise interactive exhibits, including technology giants Wiwynn, Weiqian, Lite-On, Ren Enterprises such as Baobao, as well as Chuansheng, Jiabang, Mengchuang, etc., which focus on 5G infrastructure construction, and even start-up teams such as Bianxinlian, Orion, and Quan Falcon are also actively participating. Professional teams from different fields work together to make The outside world can see how the academia and industry are linked, and how to create amazing sparks and achievements.


#优秀stage: R&D actual combat PK competition, experience sharing of elder sister returning to her natal home

In the promotion of the “5G + Industry Rising Stars Sail and Set Sail Project”, not only shoulder the heavy responsibility of nurturing potential talents in the industry, but also plan 5G research and development on the “main stage” through the holding of this event Actual combat PK competition, launching a real combat activity from the company’s research and development, and simultaneously live broadcasting on the official website, so that relatives and friends who cannot be present at the scene can still cheer for their team at the remote end, and feel the infinite possibilities of 5G applications; after the PK competition is over , followed by “Xing Ling G Soup”, inviting the industry’s new stars from the previous two years to return to their parents’ homes to participate in the new star gathering and share their valuable experience; , Talent selection, retention and exchange activities, whether you are preparing to change jobs, want to understand the trend of the 5G industry, or hope to find talents, business partners should not miss a series of exciting activities on this stage.


#Precise Career: Breakthrough missions, talent matchmaking all in one sweep

If you can’t satisfy your curiosity about the 5G industry by watching or listening, then you must come to the “Interactive Zone Exploration Experience”.

Here, the “5G + Industry Rising Star Sail Project” designed an interactive display of enterprise 5G solutions, not only the maritime satellite antenna system and measurement applications provided by Chuansheng, so that the participants can better understand how the team solves the antenna problem, from With the immersive virtual live broadcast of SiS Technology, you will be able to experience for yourself how the high-speed and low-latency characteristics of 5G are brought into full play in such a field. The site also welcomes the most important talents on the frontline of 5G in the future. Starting from joining the official account of the “5G + Industry Rising Star Sail and Set Sail Project”, guide everyone to complete tasks in the exhibition hall to redeem gifts through the game-like Using the interactive mode to get to know the exhibition area not only increases the fun of visiting the exhibition, but also accelerates the understanding of 5G companies and application technologies. Are you gearing up and want to try it?


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