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Martina Schindlerová is a divorced mother of two children. Well, it looks like he already has a new partner. We noticed the lawyer Marcel Boris by his side already at the end of June at the cinema. “Of course, we are friends with Marcel Boris,” the singer told us at the time, but she didn’t specify whether it was a relationship of friendship or partnership.

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Source: Jan Zemiar

However, it seems that the second option is the correct one. The couple indulges in joint trips, not only as a couple, but also with children. And they are currently enjoying their vacation in Croatia.

Martina posts swimsuit photos on Instagram, which have received a huge response from fans. Many emphasize her tall figure and call her a goddess. “You are still a piece of beautiful baby, that would be worth a sin,” wrote one of her subscribers to the images, which you can see in the attached gallery.

Martina Schindlerová – holiday photos

Although Schindlerová poses alone, she revealed in the so-called stories that she spends time on the boat with Marcel. There is no doubt that he is her new boyfriend.

Photo gallery (3)

Source: MS Instagram

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