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The avalanche of comments under the publication on the Facebook social network was triggered by the color combination of the new logo that was just mentioned. It’s no news that Markíza has been using these colors for nearly 26 years, but the deep yellow-blue hues of the public must have caught their attention only now.

For many of them, these colors are reminiscent of the national colors of Ukraine. “There is no other color, only Ukrainian,” wrote a Slovak TV viewer. “But we are not Ukraine, but Slovakia. They are reducing their own audience. They don’t even know the colors of their country anymore, too bad,” commented another.

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At the same time, television was not at all about glorifying a country, but about preserving its own identity. After all, Markíza has had its logo in such colors since 1996, that is, since its inception. However, the internet commentators were right. A never-ending discussion erupted under the post, with some even asking why they didn’t choose the Slovak colors instead.

Finally, as part of a joke, a collage with the logos of well-known brands, which they transformed into our tricolor – white, blue and red – began to spread on the Internet. Look, in an ideal world, according to nationalists, the visuals of companies operating in Slovakia would look like this:

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Bizarre REVIEW of the new Markíza logo: Ukraine again… According to nationalists, it should look like this!

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