Trend topic: The magnifying glass and the ego

Being a trending topic is not that important. Twitter is not that important. It is part of reality, but by no means all of reality. However, some are intrigued by it and seem to think that everyone is watching the most viewed list on Twitter. It is not so.

Last year in Spain there were an estimated total of 4.2 million accounts on this social network. According to the study by the audit tool SparkToro, the approximate proportion of fake and automated accounts is 19.42 percent. So there are more or less 3.36 million people who have a real account on this network in Spain. If we assume that our country has 47.3 million inhabitants, we find that every fourteenth person has a Twitter account.

The story doesn’t end here. You need to see how many of those users are active and how many are creators of some type of content. The data tells us that about half of real world accounts are active and that content creators make up 10 percent of them. Almost forty percent of the users of this network are between thirty-two and forty-five years old.

There’s a whole host of useful idiots that, while not being robots, behave similarly.

For this reason, it is noticeable that some sections of the press are devoted to echoing Twitter as if it were a reliable source or a true reflection of society. In reality, it is biased information created by half a tenth of a fourteenth and filtered by an algorithm which, by the way, also has its conditioning factors. After the colossus, the dwarves.

Added to this is the interest of the political groups in ridiculing the message of their rivals, maintaining their own and straining their arguments as often as possible. There’s a whole host of useful idiots that, while not being robots, behave similarly.

Elon Musk, always loyal to inconsistency, has paralyzed his Twitter buy by, among other things, confirming that there are too many fake accounts. There are studies that state that seventy percent of their followers are fake. So you don’t want to buy the toy. We are trend topic. And the?


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