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The couple separated in the spring of this year. Since then, there has been constant speculation about what was behind the breakup of their relationship and whether they might get back together. In early July, they were seen celebrating Independence Day together, and less than a month later Kendall added the star basketball player to her Instagram story.

On Sunday she showed the Phoenix Suns player on video for the first time since their split, yesterday she added a photo of them together, from which it’s clear the pair have found their way back together.

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Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker
Source: Instagram

Already last week, for the magazine E! News said a source close to the pair. He said, “Kendall and Devin are back together. They’ve worked through all the issues between them and have decided to move on and get together,” the source revealed.

“They have moved on and it works very well between them. They spend a lot of time together and even attended a wedding Kendall’s friend hosted in Napa. Kevin was keeping it,” added a friend of one of the two.

The reason for their separation was not widely known. Another source reported the whole situation to Page Six. “They got to a point where they didn’t know where their relationship was going. And since Devin didn’t propose to her, the breakup came. Her only priority was her career. Kendall felt the same way, so they decided that there was no point in continuing their relationship,” the source said.

One of the world’s most famous models, who has more than 250 million followers on Instagram alone, previously dated, for example, rapper ASAP Rocky. Many of his alleged partners come from the basketball world. In the past, she was supposed to form a couple with several NBA stars, such as Blake Griffin, Ben Simmons or Kyle Kuzma.

The famous beauty has a soft spot for basketball players: this PHOTO heralds a RETURN to her ex-boyfriend!

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