They attack a health technician in Melilla while tending to a wounded man – This Is Ardee

A health worker from 061 was attacked by a slap in the face with a loudspeaker, causing a gap in her eyebrow, while attending to a patient in the leisure area of ​​Melilla Marina early Sunday.

As reported by a spokesman for the Territorial Directorate of the National Institute of Management (Ingesa), the incidents took place when ambulance personnel arrived at the port to attend to an injured person resulting from a fight, as other sources have pointed out.

The spokesman said that while the medical service was treating the injured person, “another person hit the paramedic of an ambulance of the 061 service on the head with a loudspeaker so hard that she lost consciousness and fell to the ground”.

Both the wounded and the health worker were taken to the regional hospital’s emergency services and later the technician to a clinic where several stitches were applied to the wound caused by the blow next to his cheek.

The Territorial Directorate of Ingesa has condemned these events “in the strongest possible terms” and rejects this new attack suffered by a professional working in public health after two other technicians were attacked in the same place last week while answering a call from At a They suffered bruises after being hit with the ambulance door by a person who was demanding treatment instead of the person they had called and who was said to be unconscious.

For its part, the commissioned company has announced, in addition to the statement of the police present on site, that it will file a corresponding complaint.

Finally, the political party Podemos has also subscribed to these beliefs, assuring in a press release that “061 went to the drinking zone of Puerto Noray because they got involved with knives, something that is becoming commonplace in this party zone”.

Its secretary-general, Gema Agilar, called on the government delegation to “intensify the monitoring and control of state security forces and bodies in this place of leisure”. “People – he added – cannot enter the marina with knives. We have already had injuries, some people died (in 2019) and other attacks on health workers.”


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