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With the arrival of summer, the terraces of bars and restaurants fill up with customers who prefer to enjoy the good weather outside with a cold drink. It is common these days for many consumers to find a number of surcharges on their bill when paying, such as: B. the extra charge for sitting on the terrace. For this reason, the consumer and user organization has issued a notice stating that they cannot charge us at these establishments.

In this statement, OCU points out that bars and restaurants may not charge a surcharge for terrace service unless this is clearly stated on the menu and that it is legal to set a minimum consumption or maximum time on it, but only if the customer expressly points this out at the time of booking.

Also, remember that marketable products must be associated with a weight or quantity on the menu, products offered off the menu must be priced and free tap water can be requested and establishments are required to have a Tupperware to take the leftovers home with you, in which case you can charge for the can.

In a free-market society, prices for hotel products and services are free, but they must always be clearly stated in the establishment’s menu and price list, the agency also warns.

In this sense, charging for table service or cutlery is illegal since it is included in the hotel service itself, while the aperitif or bread can be charged on request and indicating the price.

The prices indicated in the letter are final and complete, including VAT, and if it is not included, it must be expressly indicated.

The OCU also points out that if the establishment asks for the payment of a table reservation in advance, this amount must be deducted according to the final price, in addition to the obligation to always deliver the ticket or bill indicating each of the products consumed.

In case of problems, the customer can ask for the application form and, if he refuses, ask for the presence of the municipal police to make the report.

OCU also recommends keeping the purchase receipt and photographing the letter with prices and rates.


Sharing is Caring