There is no right or wrong “intern climbed to the general manager” or “airborne senior executive”, it depends on the value that the company values

Sharing is Caring

The election of local county and city chiefs has just ended. Some people in different political camps are happy and others are depressed. Some online commentators have also begun to analyze the reasons why a certain camp won or lost the election. In this election, there are political amateurs, second-generation politicians, e-sports live broadcast owners, business operators, or officials from central ministries and commissions to participate in the competition. To a certain extent, they are all amateurs of local county and city chiefs or representatives of public opinion. Before taking office, they only have a conceptual understanding of the positions they are about to challenge or even assume, but have no practical experience in operation.

Even for candidates who have served as mayors of other counties, the battlefield they face is often not the previous one, but a brand new game map with different subjective and objective environments (local industries, finances, local factions and voter structures). , and past experience often cannot be fully applied or replicated. Whether such a dilemma or an opportunity can become a plus factor in the election campaign will depend on the candidate’s ability to leverage resources and experience. Whether it is the party resources to which they belong, the experience in local politics, or the image and charm created by their personal past.

Voters often feel that they are picking the best and the best, but many times it may be more like choosing a burger, French fries and a glass of Coke in front of a customized set menu in a fast food restaurant, or changing to a set meal with salad for their health . Our seemingly rational choices are actually based on the options first laid out by the political party or the environment.



In fact, this is somewhat similar to our career. In the company, we may have seen cases of starting from interns to become general managers, or senior executives parachuted from other companies. In fact, these different career paths are not good or bad, and may depend more on the value valued by the company. .

Some companies emphasize familiarity with the internal environment, politics, and resources, as well as hidden allegiance, and it is easier to promote employees who start from the grassroots as candidates for future managers. Some other companies emphasize blood replacement and increase external stimuli to enhance the belief in immunity, so they frequently employ people who have experienced experience in other companies or competing brands, hoping to increase the company’s ability to face the unknown business environment through a combination of diverse perspectives and capabilities. Possibility and resilience.


As a professional worker, if you are not determined to challenge a high position or plan to retire in the same company, perhaps you need to think more about: Which environment is more likely for your profession, ability, talent and ambition? accomplish?

If you like an environment with senior leadership, clear organizational structure and rules, perhaps the environment that emphasizes qualifications and loyalty is very suitable; if you are a professional with some special expertise, whether it is technology, professional knowledge or some People with regulatory and special industry experience may be more suitable for a combined career path, so that their majors can be combined into different looks like Lego blocks.

To sum up, career is actually the accumulation of journeys, and the focus of determining career experience is how you view your own ability combination and career positioning, and whether the value you value can be practiced in your environment. In the end, when I look back at the trajectory of my career, I can feel that my trip was worthwhile.


Sharing is Caring