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The public health service of the Junta de Andalucía has confirmed that the origin of the virus outbreak in a hotel establishment in Mojácar, Almería, is due to a gastrointestinal virus of the norovirus type.

The Board’s Territorial Delegation for Health and Families has indicated that 109 cases have already been reported since last Wednesday. So they have stated that “there are people who leave because it has already happened to them”.

The first cases of contagion were detected on the same day among customers of the Best Hotels chain’s Best Pueblo Indalo Apartments. Upon notification, a public health team went to the scene to investigate the outbreak and its cause, although symptoms initially suggested a norovirus-type gastrointestinal virus.

The Andalusian government has clarified that this type of virus is common in summer in places with large crowds, such as a hotel establishment. In addition, he has emphasized that it is mainly transmitted through infected surfaces.

Likewise, as an example, they have pointed out that contagion can occur by touching a doorknob that has previously been in contact with someone who already had the virus. For this reason, all surfaces and common areas of these apartments have been disinfected.

Best Hotels sources indicated last Thursday that as soon as the first cases were detected, the established protocol was activated and health authorities were contacted to carry out any necessary tests.

From the chain they continue with the protocols and the hygiene measures have been extreme, in addition to offering a gentle diet to the customers affected.


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