The new Onramp Lab makes another breakthrough! Look at the new product ContactLoop chat robot, how can it help the performance of financial industry customers to double?

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It may be unfamiliar to talk about Onramp Lab, a start-up team, but since its establishment in 2015, relying on its technology-based strength and working side by side with internal partners, it has successfully captured different industries such as finance, media, entertainment and even food, which is even more impressive. Curious about what housekeeping skills Onramp Lab has, and what secret weapon will it come up with to meet the needs of the market and customers?

Spreading out Onramp Lab’s current solution landscape, Onramp Lab CEO Wu Zhenxiong analyzed that the current team not only has FinanceJar, which provides financial consulting for search engine optimization, but also provides one-stop media procurement services such as buying advertisements and publishing advertisements. ThreeSigmaMedia, “However, in the process of assisting enterprises, we found that there is a gap in the last mile of contacting consumers.” No matter how much advertising resources a company invests, if it cannot connect with consumers in prime time, it is easy to miss the potential to create value. Opportunities, even contacting at the wrong time, can affect brand favorability.

Wu Zhenxiong said that according to Onramp Lab’s internal statistics, when a company finds a consumer after placing an advertisement, the difference between realtime (realtime) contact and 20-minute or next-day contact will create a difference of 4 to 10 times in transaction results, and Consumers’ attention and focus on brands have also decreased in an avalanche over time, which made the Onramp Lab team try to think about how to help corporate customers in hand to effectively solve this problem, thus giving birth to the third Onramp Lab One solution: the ContactLoop AI chatbot.

Import ContactLoop to create revenue for enterprises and save time and effort


Just imagine what would you do when you went to a networking event and got the contact information of the person you like? “From the end of the friendship to the appointment to meet, it will definitely be brewing for a while!” Wu Zhenxiong said with a smile.In the same way, when a company obtains a list of potential customers through advertising, are they really interested in the product, or are they accidentally clicked? In the past, companies could only contact one by one according to this list. Rejection, refusal, or even failure were normal. However, for companies, a lot of manpower and time investment are costs. Today, through ContactLoop, a chat robot built by the Onramp Lab team, companies can initially interact with potential customers through AI, and then filter out a more accurate list for communication, making the way to complete the last mile transaction more efficient.

Wu Zhenxiong said that since the service was launched in the United States for more than half a year, it has successfully saved at least 30% of customer service manpower for corporate customers in the financial industry. “The team spent a lot of time understanding the customer’s usage scenarios,” how to greet consumers, what response content should be prepared, and avoid open-ended questions that are not easy to focus. From the moment consumers are attracted by the advertisement, ContactLoop can immediately Contact them in real time, and screen out potential consumers with real high gold content through a question-and-answer text message dialogue process like a real person, helping companies to “get into the hole” in the end.

Perhaps not known, the Onramp Lab team led by Wu Zhenxiong, all of its products are assisted by the development team in Taiwan, and the average age of the team is only 30 years old. They also have a strong marketing DNA and industry knowledge background, and even There are also many sales scenarios. Compared with chatbots that emphasize “technology”, ContactLoop’s product design is more intuitive and humanized. Products from Taiwan can also better solve the pain points of enterprises in various markets.

Dou Youzhi, product technology director of Onramp Lab, said that ContactLoop not only provides a one-stop service to explore customer needs, but also adjusts the parameters of the chatbot and trains its language recognition model at any time, so as to ensure that enterprises can accurately grasp consumer needs during the use process, and can better target Questions to AB test, find the best opening moves or responses. In view of the particularity of the numerous area codes in the U.S. market, ContactLoop can also classify consumers based on their locations in the background, avoiding calls from non-local area codes. Connecting is the same concept,” Dou Youzhi said.


Gearing up for the Taiwan market, targeting the insurance and e-commerce industries

Today, ContactLoop, a new service, has successfully launched its first battle in the United States. “I look forward to bringing it to the Taiwan market,” said Wu Zhenxiong. From his observations, it is found that such types as insurance, e-commerce, and medical aesthetics are booming in the Taiwan market, but they still need to spend a lot of manpower and advertising costs to develop unfamiliar consumer models, or e-commerce companies with high electricity prices and a large amount of information Retail is an industry where ContactLoop AI chatbots can help transform.


Wu Zhenxiong believes that the Onramp Lab team can provide corporate customers with more than just ContactLoop. Starting from helping companies find accurate consumer lists, integrating different solutions such as ThreeSigmaMedia and FinanceJar, and providing companies with more complete services in a one-stop role, he I believe that Onramp Lab can create better value together with enterprise customers.


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