“The Low-Cost Communication Skills of Super Popular Counselors”: Use 4W1H “Key Messages” to Touch Each Other’s Heartstrings

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[Use 4W1H to speak and write]

The key is not what, but why

When our company makes the outline of the briefing, it is stipulated that it should be written in accordance with 4W1H. 4W1H has the effect of making it easier for the other party to understand what you are saying, so you must be aware of this not only in written reports, but also in speaking. Suppose you want the person you are dating to lose weight (What), then you must first look at the other person (Who) and think carefully about what to say before the other person is willing to listen.

Obviously I am worried about the other party’s health, but the other party is a person who doesn’t care about health and just wants to have fun in time. Instead of explaining the importance of health, it is better to say clearly, “If I can lose another five kilograms, I will definitely be more popular.” , the other party may be more willing to listen.

Conversely, if the other person is also a little concerned about health, you can say “Do you know that being too fat can cause civilized disease?” “I hope you will always be healthy and healthy.”

The key point is whether “why you say these words (Why)” can touch the heartstrings of the other party. If Why is not a simple and clear message, it will be impossible to express what you really want to say, and it will also be impossible for the other party to understand.

The above Why can be said to be the key message. If you can’t explain the key message clearly in one sentence, it proves that the outline you want to express is not very clear. Rather than how to say it, you should focus on insisting on opinions and propositions that can complement the key information.

After finishing this part, I will propose a few ways to lose weight (Which), saying that I will help, so let’s work hard together (How), maybe the other party will not be so difficult to accept.

In 4W1H, the most important part is the “Why do you have to do this?” The key message is not What, but Why.

If you want to use 4W1H to organize the things that the in-class meeting on the previous page requires the attendees to do, how should you organize them? See the chart on the next page.

Looking at it this way, it is not difficult to find that the team leader did not express clearly at all. He did not mention the most important key message, which is Why.

At the same time, we did not discuss the acceptable solution among several options (Which), and only asked everyone to follow the method proposed by ourselves (How). In this way, the listeners must be full of “the feeling of being unconvinced and unconvinced”.

Let’s assume Why and Which.

Why = “Because the responsible window needs the information of that event”.

At this level, just answering “Why?” is too shallow. Maybe some people don’t understand “how to say”? In order for the other party to understand what you want to express, you must sublimate more high-sounding reasons into goals. Whether achieving this goal is beneficial to you is also very important.

Which = “The responsible window will introduce this activity in the TV program “Dream Chaser” as an example of successful marketing (improve corporate image and contribute to revenue)”.

Doesn’t that make it a little clearer and more interesting? However, some people should have the question “even so, what can the collection report do?” That said, there will be questions about How’s legitimacy.

So Which is also very important. Before saying How suddenly, you must think about Which together from the perspective of the audience. for example:

“This is a good opportunity to publicize the charm of our company, so I want to give director Kudo who is in charge of this case complete information. I think of three methods, which method do you think is better?
① Collect reports written by everyone, compile them, and discuss with Director Kudo Share.
② Find an occasion to share information with Director Kudo, and invite everyone to participate.
③ Select a few members related to the event and ask Director Kudo to ask questions.
I also want to hear your suggestions, what do you think?”

Two or three people raised their hands and exchanged ideas.

“Does anyone else have any comments?”
“Thank you for your opinions. It is very informative. Next, I would like to ask everyone to vote by show of hands. A plan. From the standpoint of the organizer, I want to collect the reports written by everyone, compile them, and share them with everyone. Because…”

To express my thoughts in such a situation, I proposed How with the feeling of “therefore, the least troublesome way for everyone is…”.

In this way, is the audience’s acceptance higher than before?

If you are not good at “speaking in a way that can be understood by the other party”, please boldly adopt this logical way of speaking.

Even so, some people may have listened to it for a long time and still “haven’t been moved.” The reason lies in the gap between the two parties. Therefore, when expressing, we must carefully consider the “narrative style”

Sharing is Caring