The layoffs of American technology giants, Amazon rumored to be the largest layoffs in history, cutting about 10,000 employees

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“New York Times” reported that Amazon (Amazon) will lay off 10,000 employees as soon as a week, which will be the largest layoff in Amazon’s history; in this regard, Amazon spokesman Brad. Brad Glasser declined to comment.

According to reports, Amazon sources anonymously told the New York Times that the layoffs will focus on the equipment department (including the voice assistant Alexa), the retail department and the human resources department; , not a one-time layoff.

According to the “Wall Street Journal” report, sources revealed that Amazon has begun to lay off contractors engaged in recruitment work. In the past few weeks, they have been suddenly informed of the termination of their work;

The source of the New York Times said that the number of layoffs has not yet been finalized. If 10,000 employees are cut, it will be about 3% of the total number of Amazon employees. %.

The layoffs are expected to come during the critical holiday shopping season, as a weakening global economy has put pressure on Amazon to cut operations that have been overstaffed for years.

The report analyzed that the epidemic created Amazon’s most profitable era, and also doubled the total number of Amazon’s employees within two years; but after the epidemic, Amazon’s growth rate slowed to the lowest in 20 years, and it faced high costs of over-investment and rapid expansion. Changing consumer shopping habits and inflation also weighed on sales.

“The Wall Street Journal” reported that before the news of the layoffs, Amazon had used other methods to reduce the number of personnel, such as redeploying team employees to more profitable areas, closing various teams, etc., so that the number of employees was reduced by the end of September. Compared with the first quarter of this year, the number of employees has decreased by 78,000. In October, the recruitment of the entire retail sector was frozen.

The American Public Radio reported that the US technology industry has lost its luster. In November, more than 24,000 technicians in 72 companies have been laid off. This year, the number of technology jobs has decreased by 120,000.

“National Public Radio” consolidates the status of technology company layoffs:

  • Amazon: Rumored to lay off 10,000 employees
  • Meta: 13% layoffs, 11,000 employees
  • Twitter (Twitter): Lay off 50%, about 3,700 employees
  • Stripe: Lay off 14%, 1,000 employees
  • Salesforce: Rumored to lay off hundreds of employees in sales department
  • Microsoft (Microsoft): Rumored to have laid off employees, the number is less than 1,000
  • Zillow: 25% layoffs, 300 employees
  • Snap: 20% layoffs, 1,200 employees
  • Robinhood: 9% layoffs in April, 23% layoffs, 780 employees in August



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