The evaluation of the global start-up ecosystem has been announced. Which Taiwan start-ups have become famous internationally?

The evaluation of the global start-up ecosystem has been announced. Which Taiwan start-ups have become famous internationally?
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Taiwan ranks 26th in this ranking; Taipei ranks 41st in the city ranking. The composition of the ecosystem is complex and variable, and the only certainty is that only continuous improvement can keep more innovations in Taiwan.

“If you are not in the best entrepreneurial environment, then leave it, or lead it forward.” Avery David, CEO of the research agency StartupBlink, released the “2021 Global New Innovation Ecosystem Indicators” released by the agency. ” said in the introduction.

After the new coronavirus (COVID-19, commonly known as Wuhan pneumonia), although the place of work seems to be no longer the top priority consideration, but a sound innovation ecosystem can expand contacts and have the opportunity to meet more potential investors. More importantly, I can meet many ambitious entrepreneurs who have embarked on a thorny road, and they can support, encourage and create sparks for each other on the same road.


Taiwan ranks 26th on the list of the top 100 countries, an improvement of 4 places from last year

In terms of country rankings, the United States remains the overwhelming leader. The United Kingdom has also been affected by Brexit, but the rankings of the top four, the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Canada, have not changed much in the past three years. Sweden, which ranks sixth, is a good example of how a small country can become the top international leader. China, which ranked seventh, ranked among the top 10 for the first time, and is constantly narrowing the gap with advanced countries.

Taiwan ranks 26th in this ranking, an improvement of 4 places compared to last year.

In terms of city rankings, the positions of San Francisco and New York have not changed in the past three years. San Francisco is still a “supernova” in the entrepreneurial environment, with a comprehensive rating three times that of New York, but in 2020, San Francisco’s score is four times that of New York, and in 2019 it was three times, and the gap is narrowing.

It took Beijing three years to squeeze from the tenth place to the third place, proving that China’s unique model does have its role. The huge domestic demand market and political structure allow an independent ecosystem to operate in China. Gain advantages in areas such as collection and AI.

Taipei ranks 41st in the global city rankings. In addition, Hsinchu, Taoyuan, Tainan, Taichung, and Kaohsiung also entered the list for the first time (a total of 1,000 cities).


Looking at Taiwan from an international perspective: Hardware and medical care are major advantages

From a global perspective, Taiwan has improved from 30th to 26th in 2020, and according to StartupBlink, Taiwan is on par with the United Arab Emirates (25), Portugal (27), Austria (28) With close scores, any small change may cause the ranking to change. From a regional perspective, Taiwan ranks seventh in the Asia-Pacific region, narrowing the gap with South Korea and Japan.

The most noteworthy is Taiwan’s leading position in hardware, IoT, and medical technology, ranking 14th and 15th globally, respectively. StartupBlink specifically mentioned that the Taiwan government’s support for start-ups, including development, international exposure, and employment gold cards for talent introduction, are quite good resources.

At the same time, it is also mentioned that Taiwan’s domestic market is too small, so new entrepreneurs must look for opportunities to go overseas. However, the existence of companies like Hon Hai and Asustek gives Taiwan a unique advantage in hardware. In addition, Google has stepped up its investment in Taiwan and set up a data center in Taiwan.

Overall, Taipei has the same advantages and disadvantages, but in terms of cities alone, Taipei has a good ranking in hardware and IoT (eighth), and marketing and educational technology have also achieved quite good rankings, 14th and 14th respectively. Twenty-eighth. Interestingly, StartupBlink is also specifically mentioned in Taiwan’s block, and Ben Thompson, a well-known analyst and author of Stratechery, also lives in Taiwan.


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