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Everyone wants to look their best in photos. With the pre-technological era, there are also applications where we can edit a photo and our appearance with just a few clicks. Well, it doesn’t always work and sometimes it literally fails. Especially if you overdo it with the filters and maybe with the settings.

Recently, Dagmar Havlová attended his friend’s birthday party. Birthday girl Zuzana recorded her special day and Dagmar was also in the picture. The delighted Zuzana immediately showed the photo on her Instagram profile and added the current photo to her stories.

Of course, she also mentioned her friend, actress Havelová, and even called her “queen.” There wouldn’t be anything wrong with that, as Dagmar looks amazing, and the party itself was in spectacular style, as the banquet was held in the garden of Bon Repos Castle, as Blesk reports. cz.

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However, Dagmar also added the same snap to his Instagram profile. “My friend’s birthday on the first day of August was the best party I have experienced this year. Also, it was raining in the area and a few drops fell on us. For luck. The dinner of queen,” wrote Ms. Havlová, who was the center of attention at the party in a long black skirt and white blouse.

But the photo, which was added by the former Czech first lady, had a completely different effect. Respectively, Dagmar herself was suddenly different. Slimmer, younger and more beautiful. This change was also recorded by several fans on social media when they compared the two photos. And that’s how the queen of the evening turned out to be a liar.

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Source: DH’s Instagram

There is no doubt that the actress edited her photo and slimmed down her torso using a slimming mobile app. You did the so-called waistline and I lost a few pounds. Well, she obviously wasn’t expecting anyone to notice, but the opposite was true. This is how the former Czech first lady, who wanted to be a star, tried to deceive everyone, but unfortunately it was just a big embarrassment.

However, Dagmar is not alone in editing and enhancing her photos in this way. Many celebrities, as well as everyday people, like to boost their self-confidence these days. But before you do it, it’s better to consider whether it’s necessary at all, and if you’re already looking for such an application, it’s good to have an eye on visual editing, so as not to embarrass yourself unnecessarily and to regret it later.

Dagmar Havlová wanted to be a star, but it turned out GREAT: that’s how she CHEATED everyone!

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