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Changes in life happen and are natural for each of us. Although he did not hang up moderation, he faded into the background of the media world. We are talking about the likeable actor and presenter Pavlov Bruchal.

Even though Pavel is no longer known to the public, people still save him and remember him. “Even now, by chance, I had lunch in a mall, and you see that people still perceive you and know you, and a cook from a Vietnamese restaurant, a Vietnamese, asked me if I was Pavel Bruchala, that he was watching me on TV, so I say to myself – Ježišmária”, former TV host Markíza began a pleasant interview for Topky.sk with a smile.

However, after being mentally and physically exhausted by the media, he decided to start exploring the world more. “For several years, when I worked in Markíza, I had the opportunity to travel around the world, because my distribution of work allowed me to do so, that is, I could go out of Slovakia for a few days, even a week, and I was so captivated by this trip that personally I would recommend it to everyone, even if not everyone has the opportunity”, revealed Pavel, for whom his passion for travel has become a source of income over time.

Later, he reached such a stage that he started his own business and earns money by traveling with people on vacation. However, if you were expecting lounging on the beach at a luxury resort and a classic tourist-only guide, as is usually the case, then by no means. The blue-eyed world traveler offers a completely different type of travel, namely the so-called adventurous.

“I’m not a walking encyclopedia. People want to have experiences with me, so this is experiential travel,” noted Pavel, who gets to know the country with his clients more through food and culture and from in a certain way educates them, educates them and opens them to imaginary borders, destroys fears, anxieties and their attitudes in mind.

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Bruchala 8 years after leaving Markíza: TASTED from Slovakia… Wants to MOVE!

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