Supply chain partners come together! Hanxiang focuses on the upstream and downstream of the aerospace industry, using AI to solve practical challenges

Sharing is Caring

The aviation industry is the most demanding industry in the world. Even if there is a slight change in the manufacturing process, it must be done step by step, which can range from loss of orders to serious aviation accidents. The two consecutive air crashes of Boeing 737Max in 2018-2019 still shake the industry. Hanxiang is a member of the supply chain that is deeply trusted by major aerospace manufacturers around the world, and naturally it has also suffered the impact of the drastic changes in the industry in recent years.

At the bottom of the global aviation industry in 2019, Hanxiang not only was not discouraged, but set a “squat” goal, declaring that “2019 is the first year for Hanxiang to enter AI.” Through the matchmaking of the “AI Industry Practical Application Talent Training Program” of the Digital Industry Agency of the Ministry of Digital Development, Hanxiang and Tunghai University have joined hands to allow production line employees to learn AI courses, and dispatch various engineers such as production and quality control to put what they have learned into The process has yielded many results.


Using AI technology to greatly enhance the competitiveness of manufacturing processes and operations

Hanxiang’s AI training has achieved very fruitful results. First, in the process, AI is introduced into the intelligent monitoring of hot-press furnaces, which greatly improves the production quality and efficiency; Obtain better operation results; and in terms of operation, use AI text mining to grasp the most real-time business conditions in all corners of the world, understand customers, peers, and industry trends, and respond to fierce market competition with rapid response.

“Hanxiang is not necessarily good if I am good, but the industry must be good together.” Hu Kaihong, chairman of Hanxiang, decided to invite many domestic supply chain partners such as Shengtian Technology and Fengda Technology to set up a special AI training class for the aerospace industry, and put Hanxiang Xiang Xiang’s AI smart manufacturing experience, selfless sharing, leading upstream and downstream enterprises to move towards digital transformation, and jointly build Taiwan’s overall competitiveness on the world stage.


Sharing is Caring