Some US cops do the wrong house during an eviction… and the video goes viral – This Is Ardee

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Video captured by the doorbell camera of a home in Land O’Lakes, Fla., showing police officers putting an eviction notice in the wrong place went viral on TikTok, where it racked up 5.5 million views in just three calling has reached days.

The newspapers of Tampa, on Florida’s west coast, this Sunday are collecting the story of Jennifer Michele, a 39-year-old woman, who was going to visit her mother, who lives nearby, last Thursday when she received a message on her phone noting that someone knocked on your door.

She was able to see that they were two agents from the Pasco County (West Florida) bureau and one other person, and speaking to them she learned that they intended to serve her with an eviction notice from her home, which she owns . According to her statement, it was the second notification.

Jennifer Michele, who has lived in this house for 13 years, was at a loss but was able to correct the mistake of the police officers, who eventually admitted they had given the wrong address and apologized for the inconvenience and for picking a padlock had at the entrance of the property.

“Three people and they can’t read a house number?” he said in statements collected by the media.

Now Jennifer Michele is also surprised by the success of her video on TikTok.

She posted it on Friday, not entirely sure her story “might interest anyone,” but she immediately started seeing it go viral. “Everything started to get crazy,” he told the Tampa Bay Times. The video

Still wondering how the bailiffs went to the wrong house, Jennifer Michelle is grateful that she was able to resolve the situation despite not being home at the time of the unexpected visit.

“I’m not mad anymore because I know people make mistakes,” she said.


Sharing is Caring