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Goran Karan is well known in our area. And not only for vacationers who usually spend the summer on the Adriatic. Next Wednesday, with their band Vagabundo Acoustic Band, they will bring us a piece of this atmosphere in Bratislava.

Many women fans of this charismatic artist do not hide their enthusiasm. Posts on social networks are also proof of this. “Can’t wait. We’re really looking forward to it,” are some of the comments. “I like him a lot. He sings beautifully and has a wonderful voice,” greeted the artist, a lady who had attended several of his concerts in the past.

If you also want to enjoy Goran Karan’s concert, you can buy tickets at!

Goran Karan performed at the Eurovision Song Contest, where he tried his luck with the song Ostani. At one time, he also worked as a judge in Hrvatski’s idol contest, which is the Croatian version of SuperStar.

VIDEO: Goran Karan and his hit Ostani.

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