Shop windows closed at 10 p.m., thermometer in view, temperature limits … Ribera’s tailor-made energy saving plan – This Is Ardee

The government has passed a package of energy-saving measures to ensure that public buildings, commercial and department stores, transport infrastructure (airports and train and bus stations), cultural sites and hotels adjust their thermostats and turn off their lights.

As Third Vice-President and Minister for the Green Transition Teresa Ribera explained in the post-ministerial conference on Monday, the measures will apply until November 1, 2023 and must be implemented within seven days of their publication in the Official Gazette (BOE). .

These are emergency measures, said Ribera, who announced that in September the Contingency and Energy Saving Plan would be presented along with other new ones to further strengthen savings and efficiency, change fuel, renewable energy and solidarity with Europe.

The ones adopted this Monday relate to the regulation of thermal building installations and the lighting law, the supervision of which corresponds to the autonomous communities, which establish a regime of sanctions “that would be applied in case of non-compliance”, he stressed.

These are the energy saving measures:

Heating at 19 degrees and air conditioning at 27 degrees

One of the main actions is to adjust the thermostats. On the one hand, the heating must not be below 27 degrees in summer. On the contrary, in winter the air conditioning must not exceed 19 degrees.

Turn off the window lights

Likewise, lights in shop windows must be switched off after 10 p.m. and lighting in public spaces when not in use.

automatic door locks

On the other hand, the automatic closing of doors in buildings and premises is enforced if there are heating or cooling systems in operation. In this case, a ceasefire will be granted for its coming into force until next September 30th.

Telework is encouraged

In addition, telework is promoted in the General State Administration in order to reduce energy consumption in public buildings. In this sense, before the press conference, there was talk of giving civil servants the opportunity to work remotely three days a week.

Explanatory signs and visible thermometers

Posters must also be put up that explain these savings measures in companies and provide information about temperatures and humidity. To do this, they must have thermometers that visualize the temperature of the room.

advance inspections

Public venues must carry out the revisions of the boilers and thermal systems if the last revision was before January 2021.


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