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Several famous personalities and family members have already commented on the death of the legendary Sandy from the movie Pomade. Her husband John Easterling was the first to inform about it via his Instagram profile. Later, her co-star John Travolta gave her a touching farewell.

Recently, her niece Tottie Goldsmith also commented on the actress’ death. In an interview with A Current Affair, she described the actress’ final days. “She suffered a lot in the last few days. When she died, it was not a shock for us. We knew how sick she was. Especially the last 5 days before her death were very difficult,” said the niece.

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Tottie Goldsmith and Olivia Newton-John
Source: Instagram

“It wasn’t just the cancer. She also had other health complications which kept her in hospital with a very weak immune system. She had several infections. Since 5, maybe 6 days, she’s very upset. Medical marijuana gave her relief, but it wasn’t much better,” Tottie added.

With tears in her eyes, she continued to talk about their last face-to-face meeting. “The last time we saw her she was very thin and sick. I then asked her if she was afraid of death. She said no. That she has lived more in her life than she could never imagine it,” Tottie concluded.

The suffering of Olivia Newton-John (†73) before her DEATH: She was emaciated and in excruciating pain!

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