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She would definitely go back in time if she could! We’re talking about Chloe Ferry, who built her career years ago by appearing on reality shows. She participated in several of them – for example, Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, Geordie Shore, or Celebrity Big Brother and Celebrity Go Dating. However, the hallmark of this lady is also various enhancements and plastic surgeries, which she enjoys undergoing.

Well, after the last experience, he’ll probably take a break from them…or at least for a while. 7 months ago, she underwent an operation that was supposed to give her so-called cat eyes. But in their place, she has a disfigured face and even ended up in the hospital. She herself reported on the social network Instagram, where she also posted a video and photos.

“After seven months I have ugly scars that may never go away. I know there’s worse in the world, but I had great skin and now it’s healed. My work is on camera and now I feel bad about how I look,” Chloe admitted. “I know people will tell me it’s my fault, but if I could turn back time, I never would have,” she admitted.

The procedure was said to be complete hell for her, she had to be hospitalized afterwards and ended up on medication. And last year she claimed she was done with plastic surgery. Well, if she had stayed true to her “determination”, she wouldn’t have had her head in sadness today. However, the blonde has literally depended on these enhancements for years.

In recent years she has undergone breast augmentation, 2 nose operations, several facelifts and since the age of 19 she has been regularly receiving botox and hyaluronic acid for her lips. But besides that, at her young age, she also underwent liposuction and also had her buttocks enlarged. Well, maybe that bad operation was lesson enough for her.

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THE TV STAR HAD A PLASTIC FLASH: She wanted to be beautiful and… Phew, lifelong consequences!

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