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The Renaissance album came with great expectations. Maybe not. Beyoncé is one of the biggest stars on the music scene, and she has been assisted lyrically and musically by names such as Drake, Skrillex or her husband Jay Z.

However, it was accompanied by a great wave of controversy from the beginning. In the song Heated, according to the organization that represents people with disabilities, the singer should have inappropriately used the abbreviation of the word “spastic”, which refers to a disease that occurs mainly in people with cerebral palsy and causes muscle stiffness. , its abbreviation is “swaz”., also used by Beyoncé, meaning wild or crazy. At the same time, this word is also used as an insult that makes fun of people with disabilities.

The song, which she wrote with the aforementioned Canadian rapper Drake, had to be changed and the problematic word replaced. Another American singer, Lizzo, had the same problem in June. She used the same word as Beyoncé in the song Grrrls and also had to change it.

The artist has yet to comment on the full situation, but released a brief statement through her spokesperson. “The word was not used as an insult to any group of people. However, it will be replaced in the song,” the spokesperson wrote.

Australian activist Hannah Diviney, who has also been critical of Lizzo, wrote on Twitter: “Beyoncé using that word is a slap in the face to me. Our whole community has been trying to make progress so that the situation that happened with Lizzo not happen again. Guess I have to keep explaining to the entire music industry that such words are not okay,” Hannah wrote.

Beyoncé’s new album caused a lot of emotion: SHE INSULTED people with disabilities, they let her devour!

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