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Former Czech Miss and model Alena Šeredová said YES for the second time in her life. This time it’s Alessandro Nasi (49), a well-known billionaire and one of the heirs of the Italian car manufacturer Fiat. After a failed marriage to footballer Gianluigi Buffon, with whom she has two sons, luck once again smiled on the model.

Alena has lived in Italy for many years, and at the end of 2014 she met her future husband there, with whom she already has a daughter. Alessandro was in no hurry to ask for his partner’s hand in marriage. But the right time has also come for this moment, and the billionaire has finally knelt before his partner after many years together. He did it on vacation in Greece, which they are currently enjoying with Alena’s three children.

After the fairy tale engagement, Alena also shared the sweet news on her Instagram, where she added a photo with Nasi and wrote, “I said yes.”

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Alena is beaming with happiness, and it looks like we’ll be witnessing another high-profile wedding soon. Congratulations!

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