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Last week, the legendary Marta Kubišová spooked the Czech Republic and Slovakia when news that she had to be hospitalized again became public knowledge. The reason was an intestinal perforation, for which she suddenly had to undergo an operation. It is interesting that the experience of this so-called She also had the “presidential disease” 22 years ago.

Well, it finally saved his life. She knew exactly what to do. “I had the same pain I had then, so I immediately understood what was happening. I immediately called my doctor… And everything went very quickly,” described Marta for Blesk .cz. Thanks to his quick reaction and the medical care that followed, the legend avoided further problems or even death.

“This time it healed beautifully, the doctors didn’t even need to make an artificial outlet. I’m really happy for that,” she added for the Czech daily.

At the same time, his very good friend and colleague Václav Neckář was also in the same hospital, receiving infusions there. But when he learned that Marta had also been brought there, he stopped worrying about himself, all his thoughts were directed towards her.

“I immediately stopped thinking about myself and was extremely scared for her, I felt sick again,” Neckář said. But today, she no longer has to worry, fortunately her condition is improving and she is recovering well from this difficult operation. We wish them both a speedy recovery!

Sudden operation by Marta Kubišová (79): She could have died… That’s how she saved his life!

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