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Ján Mistrík was born on August 3, 1942 in Bratislava. He made his debut on the SND stage at the age of six in the play Rok na dedine, in which he starred with his older brother Ivan Mistrík, Leopold Haverl and Zuzana Lonska. He devoted himself to theatrical roles for children until the age of 14.

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As a teenager, he was offended by a teacher who made fun of him in front of the whole class. He decided not to go back to school anymore. “I worked in the brewery when I was 14 and a half, 15,” he said in his cameo on news television TA3. From 1958 he worked in the second ensemble of the Village Theater, the so-called The duo had a permanent stage in Spišská Nová Ves. Later he passed the exams at VŠMU, but the problem was that he did not have a high school diploma. In the end, the competent authorities decided to grant him an exemption. “After us, Miško Dočolomanský also got an exemption a year later,” the actor recalled.

After completing theater studies at the Academy of Performing Arts (VŠMU) in Bratislava, Ján Mistrík joined the Jozef Gregor Tajovský Theater (DJGT) in Zvolen. During the years 1964-1966 he was a member of the Military Art Ensemble, from where he went to the Slovak National Uprising Theater (now the Slovak Chamber Theater) in Martin. He grew professionally on the Martin theater scene under the guidance of several important directors of the time. Since 1973 he has been an actor at the Nová scéna theater in Bratislava, for eighteen years he was a member of its poetry ensemble, where he played many important characters.

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Ján Mistrík played his first episodic film characters in the well-known films Kapitán Dabač (1959) and Death is Called Engelchen (1960). Then in 1962, he appeared in the sports drama Posledni etapa, followed by the dramas Kto si bez viny (1963) and Letokruhy (1972). He played in more than 50 feature films and TV movies, including Prešporská kásáreň maľovana (1975), Circus in the circus (1975), La Défense ne marche pas (1976), Bandits (1978), Mrtvi učia vivích (1983) or Camp of Fallen Women (1997).

He gained popularity as a representative of Michal Bielik, one of the main male characters in the radio series Čo nové, Bielikovci, broadcast from 1974 to 1990.

For many years, Ján Mistrík also worked as a sought-after dubbing actor. In 2012, he was among the winners of the annual Literary Fund (LF) awards for having played various characters or presented theatrical productions.

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The younger brother of a famous actor: Sekol with school… He’s still famous!

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