Scientists train AI to “sleep” to consolidate memory

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According to “New Scientist”, artificial intelligence can learn multiple different tasks by imitating the way humans consolidate memory through sleep. Maxim Bazhenov, a professor at the University of California, San Diego, revealed a new trend in today’s academics, which is to apply the concepts of neuroscience and biology to machine learning for artificial intelligence, and “training sleep” is one of the studies direction.

Specializing in a skill is not enough, scientists expect AI to learn for life like humans

“New Scientist” pointed out that most artificial intelligence can only specialize in one skill, and cannot learn additional knowledge, otherwise it will lose the previously acquired ability. Lifelong learning is a way for humans to adapt to the environment or resolve various challenges by continuously accumulating knowledge. Now scientists expect to train artificial intelligence into a system that can continuously learn and improve. As reported by Stealth Optional, a new study suggests that making AI perform human-like sleep behaviors could improve its learning patterns. Through artificially designed sleep patterns, AI can retain information more completely and learn multiple tasks effectively.

Can “forget” and “fantasy”, AI and human brain have similar processes

Pavel Sanda, a professor at the Czech Academy of Sciences, explained that memory reorganization is the main reason humans need sleep. If this program is interrupted or cannot be executed, it will cause serious mental defects. AI and the human brain can experience similar psychological problems, such as “catastrophic forgetting” (catastrophic forgetting), which destroys long-term memory, that is, the tendency to completely forget previously learned information when learning new information. And “Stealth Optional” also pointed out in August this year (2022) that Meta’s BlenderBot 3 robots, like humans, can produce “hallucinations” (hallucinations), sometimes get lost in their own thoughts, and then produce false statements and believe These statements, for example: Convince yourself that it is not an AI but a human being, and start constructing a life story for yourself.

Simulating biological sleep mechanism helps AI consolidate memory

As reported by “Stealth Optional”, the study adopted the concept of memory consolidation (Memory Consolidation), which is the process of converting short-term memory into long-term memory when humans are in rapid eye movement sleep (REM); Patterns are applied to AI to test whether it can be trained to be a multifunctional system.

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