Royal Holiday | Opinion of Cristina Garcia Ramos – This Is Ardee

When Letizia Ortiz became Princess of Asturias – and years later Queen of Spain – she soon found that all was not rosy in her new life. The duties and responsibilities assumed also implied personal resignations and a media overexposure that went far beyond what he had experienced as a television journalist up to that point.

The Queen carries out her official duties rigorously and efficiently and has rarely complained in public, but once, in the Mallorcan summer and surrounded by cameras, she blurted out to a reporter: ‘But do you think these are public holidays? “. From the first moment he tried to keep his private vacation days free from official commitments, in an undisclosed location away from the press and out of the limelight of the paparazzi.

“He blurted out to a reporter: But do you think this is a vacation?”

She has so far managed to keep these in a difficult balance that combines the rest days in Mallorca, when there is no shortage of official acts and obligatory inns, with those secret getaways that she craves so much and that undoubtedly exist will Allow her to relax without feeling watched.

Do what you really want for a few days: this is really a good valid holiday for kings and commoners. What is less than a respite from the looming fall that awaits us?


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