Recycle laundry detergent made from waste shells! Taiwan team promotes zero waste

Recycle laundry detergent made from waste shells! Taiwan team promotes zero waste

Have you ever drank clam essence? Biotechnology manufacturers extract clam essence from fresh golden clam meat to make health food for health preservation; the remaining golden clam shells seem to be discarded and useless, but after professional recycling, they can also become creative new products that promote environmental sustainability! The Taiwanese team “picupi”, which advocates the concept of sustainable fashion and green life, launched the “Put on Change” project in 2020 and raised funds to launch 100% MIT women’s underwear “00 Pants”, which successfully won the sponsorship of 466 people. In February 2022, picupi launched another crowdfunding campaign. This time, they will create the first bottle of “Shell Calcium Recycling Laundry Detergent” in Taiwan. The natural ingredient “EcoCal ® Shell Calcium” is recycled and refined from discarded shells and added to the detergent. , adhere to the concept of “zero waste” from production to packaging, and implement the spirit of circular economy in daily life. Considering the severe heavy metal pollution along the coast of Taiwan, this “Shell Calcium Recycling Laundry Detergent” does not use discarded shells picked up by the sea as raw materials. Instead, the picupi selection team cooperated with Zhongyang Enterprise Co., Ltd. to recycle the freshwater cultured golden shells from Lichuan Fishery in Hualien. “EcoCal ® Shell Calcium” is a food-grade natural alkaline ingredient – it can not only be used for sterilization, deodorization and decontamination, but also has obtained the natural organic certification of ECOCERT in France and the natural ingredient certification of NPA (Natural Products Association) in the United States. The so-called “shell calcium recycling laundry detergent” is to dissolve EcoCal ® shell calcium into the lotion through patented technology. Laundry feels softer against skin and has a pleasant citrus scent. According to information on the fundraising page, Shell Calcium Recycling Laundry Detergent is a highly concentrated laundry detergent with a single bottle capacity of 500ml. If calculated on the basis of 30 liters of water per wash, it can be washed more than 40 times. In addition to the use of recycled materials for the lotion itself, the bottle body of Shell Calcium Recycling Laundry Detergent is also made from recycled milk bottles (HDPE). The net weight of each bottle is about 70 grams; every 17 bottles recycled is equivalent to saving about 1 kg of solid waste. The ingredients of the product are printed on the recycled kraft paper envelope. The overall combination not only gives the impression of “Muyin style” simple beauty, but also allows the two packaging materials to enter the recycling system separately; the picupi selection team expects to “reuse after cleaning” in the future Or launch a “consumer refill plan” to extend the number of times the bottle can be reused.

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