[Proposal 4 for Future Big People to Know Courage] What you think is the sinking is my proving ground: hotel public relations agent Hu Yunyun x fake fishmonger guide Lin Kailun talks about “going to the sea” and “going ashore”

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Others think that going to sea may be the same thing as landing on the shore~

When you are crowned as a fishmonger or a hotel public relations career, can you calmly face the social gaze?

Instead of taking the broad road that the society thought, Lin Kailun lived an amphibious life between a fishmonger and a writer that was not so well understood by the society. But also because of this identity, let him write down the most sincere feelings of being the son of a fishmonger with the most honest confession. It is not necessary to choose the job you like the most, but you can try out the life you like in the job.

Hu Yunyun, on the other hand, walks in the world of flowers and flowers under the eyes of the outside world. The sinking that outsiders think is the place where he can support his dreams and take care of his mother’s livelihood. Continuing the society’s discussion on the lack of rights and interests of hotel public relations, and the public should also pay attention to hotel public relations. This can also be a profession. He founded the Entertainment Public Relations Professional Union to talk to the outside world. He said: “I like the job of hotel lady very much. !” The sorrow and joy of the proving ground has always been decided by oneself!


Listen to a trial life dialogue, come to this courage meeting!

11/13, come to the scene to listen, the two courageous people who do not follow the path of social expectations, step into the world of fishmongers dancing with blood, or enter the world of feasting and feasting, what kind of life will be tested road.


Meet Two Daredevils Who Tried Life

Lin Kailun / Author of “Fake Fishmonger’s Guide” & Fishmonger

In the “Fish Divination” invented by myself, I wanted to be a flounder just lying down, but in the end it turned out to be an out-and-out tuna workaholic who has to keep busy. Use the most authentic writing to record the life trajectory of my life as a fishmonger, never saying that I have no choice but to choose. Maybe not choosing your favorite job is a kind of trial instead, and I hope I can call him: “Sincere and innocent fishmonger”.

Hu Yunyun/Chairman of the Professional Trade Union of Entertainment PR Brokers in Taipei City, Hotel PR Broker

If possible, please also value this tenderness as a profession! In order to take care of the family, Hu Yunyun wanders in the public relations life of Japanese-style and table-style hotels on Linsen North Road. Create a professional union of entertainment public relations brokers to solve the unequal conditions encountered by all hotel public relations. The general public thinks of feasting and feasting and sinking into the world, but Yunyun wants to advocate loudly, “You think that going to the sea and going to the shore are actually talking about the same thing”!



Sharing is Caring