Netherlands-based Betty Blocks, which gives low-code software program development devices to organizations, raises $33M led by SmartFin Capital (Maija Ehlinger/Hypepotamus)

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Deloitte, The Salvation Navy, and the National Dutch Police are just a few of the organisations that Betty Blocks, an aPaaS firm with a significant presence in Atlanta, already lists as primary clients. Betty Blocks is located in the Netherlands.

As of right moment, the organisation has $33 million in funding to help non-programmers build apps.

“We’re focusing on enterprise builders and fusion teams in order to produce enterprise-grade products. According to CEO Chris Obdam, who talked to Hypepotamus, we provide an all-in-one platform, which means that any component needed to develop enterprise-grade apps may be included in a single cloud-based IDE.

This financing round was headed by European private equity and venture capital investor SmartFin Capital, who joined previous investors Morse Investments and NIBC Financial establishment.

Paul Greenwood, CIO of Clifford Chance, claims that the Covid-19 outbreak has only made digital transformation more crucial. As one of the world’s top legal firms, we use Betty Blocks to innovate more quickly and to collaborate with future generations of lawyer developers. We have created a lot of apps using Betty Blocks in order to handle our aggressive profit over the preceding five years.

The team now includes 15 workers in Atlanta who are employed in product sales, assistance, and promotion and advertising roles. Obdam claims that one of the numerous money is maybe used to build the regional office.



The No-Code Movement’s Backers

The brothers Tim and Chris Obdam founded a “illegal” radio station where they “discovered the perfect way to transmit and programme whilst remaining on air with completely minimal resources,” which is how the concept for Betty Blocks initially came to be.

Finally, the two began working together on a platform to “improve software programme programme without coding” in addition to launching a software firm.

Betty Blocks and other no-code/low-code platforms are intended to let non-technical workers of a firm realise their ideas. Instead of learning several coding languages, customers construct better, enterprise-grade programmes by dragging and dropping pre-configured components.

In any instance, the objective is to shorten the time needed to launch a go-to-market app and speed up the innovation process.

The Betty Blocks platform features an excessively no-code base with a low-code overlay of efficiency. As a result, sharing building components for several builds is possible. Knowledgeable contractors may produce tasks with distinctive branding and modern options. According to Obdam, as soon as it is built, they may utilise it as a building element and disseminate it all across the entire organisation.

According to Obdam, Betty Blocks goes a step further by assisting business organisations in putting these citizen development concepts into practise by gathering strategies and app desires as well as providing coaching and guidance throughout the event process.

Sharing is Caring