Molenbeek to open a new ‘City of Science and Innovation’ centre

The Government of Brussels has recently chosen Gare de l’Ouest in the Molenbeek-Saint-Jean city as the spot for the “City of Science and innovation” of the Brussels-Capital Region, announced Barbara Trachte, Brussels Secretary of State for Scientific Research.

According to sources, the main objective of the innovation center is to make science and technology education more readily available to the residents of Brussels.

Having such an establishment will support individuals to understand better the issues affecting the region’s climate change, epidemiology, and social inequalities through science, said Trachte.

Generally, this move is intended to approach the younger residents as the center is hoping to engage the young women and girls who are not yet represented in science and technology.

The new center will be established in the Molenwest square area at the back of the metro station, where a local NGO known as Molenwest is located.

The spaces were made available earlier to partner associations, who suggest different activities for young and older adults from the neighborhood.

In this context, the Gare du l’Ouest site has been chosen to be the most ideal for the new project as it is easily accessible by public transportation, near to the schools, and in need of more development.

It was developed with a likelihood study by the Explore consortium in 2018 and an efficient analysis carried out by citydev.Brussels.

It also aligns with the goals specified for  Master Development Plan (PAD).

In a press release, Trachte said that the advancement of science, especially among the audiences who are remote from it, is crucial for provoking new vocations among young people, particularly young girls.

Furthermore, Innoviris, the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation, will be the project’s commissioning authority; however, is said to be the primary contractor, as per the press release.

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