Microbes are the key to sewage treatment, and AI assists make water purification more efficient!

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Water treatment is the unsung hero behind the health and convenience of people’s daily life, but it involves a lot of knowledge and technology. Taking northern Taiwan as an example, Taoyuan North District is building a sewage treatment plant with the second largest scale in the country. It will be carried out in four stages. , water plants rely on three major aspects of water purification process: physical, chemical and microbiological.

One of the most difficult to control, but also the most environmentally friendly and effective is microbial treatment. In the environment where wastewater collects, whether the microorganisms responsible for water purification are active or not has become the biggest key to treatment efficiency. At present, the water plant can only know the pH value and conductivity of the water through sensors, and the relevant parameters of microorganisms are still limited. In order to find a more scientific and effective method, microscopic imaging experts, AI innovation and water plants, the three parties jointly developed an innovative solution.


Using AI to accelerate the interpretation of microbial status under the microscope

Microscopic imaging expert Xiangtai Green Technology can use a drop of water sample to identify the state of microorganisms under the microscope; however, this knowhow hopes to expand the scale. If AI can be used to interpret microscopic image data of various wastewater treatment units, it will be beneficial for water The on-site operation and remote monitoring of the factory are very helpful.

After AI Xinchuang Zhiyou Technology took over this problem, it designed a protocol to allow the microscopic images of microorganisms to be interpreted by the AI ​​model. During the three-month concept verification period, it continuously input data to train the AI, and then cooperated with the sewage in charge of Taoyuan North District. Riding Water, which was built by the plant, conducted actual field tests, and the results produced provided the water plant with a more accurate basis to determine the dosage or take other countermeasures. In the future, this set of AI judgment microbial system will also cooperate with more water plants and even promote it internationally.



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