Metaverse Branding: Product Trends, Consumer Culture, and the Future of Regeneration

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Metaverse Branding, Andy Warhol, who caught the acceleration of the times, once said: “Department stores are kind of like museums.” He has a great marketing vision and a deep understanding of the characteristics of consumer society, turning ordinary Campbell’s soup cans in stores into Works of art, to be more precise, are transformed into art commodities that are many times more valuable than the original product. Fashion trends, consumer psychology, culture and art are combined to become a powerful tool for marketing the Andy Warhol brand. If he survives to this day, he will be shocked by the Metaverse—the online and offline multiple department store worlds, which can be traveled in an instant, and are truly natural. The times are accelerating. On the one hand, the epidemic keeps the world in place. At the same time, the virtual world and the real world are rapidly merging, and the two worlds are stirring each other. International corporate giants have made operational adjustments to embrace the future of the cyberspace community. Such a turning point is also the best time to seize opportunities: understanding trends, insight into people’s hearts, and using appropriate strategies are the key to marketing. Don’t miss the upcoming Asian design event “Business of Design Week” (BODW). With the theme of “Design for Change”, it will gather elites and creative pioneers from all over the world, and strive to solve urgent social challenges with creative solutions.

Trend: Telling real stories with technology

For four consecutive days from November 30th to December 3rd, exciting activities will continue to appear. The “Brand and Service Design of the Metaverse” forum held on December 2 is not to be missed. It will be delivered by Chen Yingxin, Head of Brand and Brand Partnerships, HSBC Asia Pacific, Emma Chiu, Global Director of Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, and Liu Weiquan, Founder of Gusto Collective. Gusto Collective, established in 2020, focuses on Web 3 brand stories and immersive experiences, providing customers with technology-related brand marketing services. The founder, Liu Weiquan, is a senior advertiser who is good at telling stories for brands, and he is just as adept at telling stories with technology. Famous cases include the earlier release of 10,000 NFTs of battle suits for the movie “Warrior of Tomorrow”. It has only been more than two years since I founded the company, and it was included in the “Forbes Asia 100” list in September earlier. At the beginning of this year, Phillips, an international auction house, cooperated with Gusto Collective to launch the NFT product of “the world’s first virtual human creation and derived from real-time auction data” in its online auction. The data points collected during the online auction are calculated and turned into a video. The virtual woman named MonoC is almost indistinguishable from a real person, allowing viewers and sellers to experience the reality that will spread throughout the Metaverse world in advance.

Insight into people’s hearts: seamless handover of entertainment and investment

Chen Yingxin, Director of Brand and Brand Partnerships, HSBC Asia Pacific, has been busy building the HSBC Metaverse community recently. In March this year, HSBC became the first global financial service provider to officially enter The Sandbox Metaverse, where it bought land and developed a new ecology System, using immersive technology to create innovative brand experiences for customers. In the past few weeks, HSBC held its first Metaverse project, bringing the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens to virtual land, launching a series of virtual rugby missions, allowing customers to experience a unique and immersive experience. Together with singers Tyson Yoshi and Serrini, HSBC will hold the first Metaverse x live concert “DuoVerse” in Hong Kong early next year, encouraging customers to complete online tasks to win tickets. HSBC brings together customers with common values ​​in the metaverse community by combining games, entertainment and education. This cohesion also includes company culture. In recent employee activities, HSBC innovatively used NFT as a prize. It is foreseeable that the digital future will seamlessly switch between work, entertainment and social interaction. The big data in the Metaverse community also helps companies develop more interactive and personalized products and services, and gain insights into customers’ future needs.

New Consumer Culture: Emphasis on Humanistic Values

During the epidemic, the basic necessities of life such as food, living environment and daily necessities have become more important, and humanized design is easier to connect with consumers. On December 1st, “Consumer Experience and Brand Creativity” was hosted by Cao Tianli, Chief Marketing and Digital Consumer Experience Officer of McDonald’s Hong Kong, Li Chepei, Senior Vice President of South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc. Technology craftsman Ross Lovegrove gave the lecture. All three of them understand how to use multiple ideas to improve the quality of life, and they have already focused on issues such as consumer experience, environment and social changes in the product design stage. More and more middle-to-high-income consumers are focusing on shopping experience, and the satisfaction of senses, emotions or value enhances consumers’ desire to buy and loyalty. Thanks to interactive technology, the OMO (online merge offline) business model that integrates online and offline is an important means of product display and release in recent years. The experience journey of different links allows consumers to experience together with the brand and feel the core value of the brand more concretely . Cao Tianli, who has more than 25 years of experience in international and Hong Kong brand management, when she became the general manager of marketing of the Hong Kong Tourism Board in 2013, she found that the tourist mentality changed from “travel” to “exploration”, which promoted the development of the organization from “product marketing” Go to “Experiential Marketing”. After joining McDonald’s Hong Kong in 2019, she led the digital transformation of the company. She believes that digital transformation is the art of connecting customers. When promoting content, people’s emotions are not ignored. It can be seen that the combination of technology, warm connections and humanistic care to achieve high-quality communication and dissemination is the ultimate form of Metaverse. Efficient communication between brands and consumers, helping companies launch people-oriented services and responding to the needs of the environment and society is the key to a company’s success. The Metaverse is not only full of business opportunities, but also a field combining business and solving social problems. The strategic partner of this year’s Business Week is the Netherlands, which is good at design innovation. Over the years, it has used creative solutions to solve different challenges ranging from environmental protection to economics. It can be seen that the era of natural resources ahead should also be an era of philanthropy that forms different communities and puts people at the center.

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