Meta internal staff: Everyone’s heart hangs in the air for three days after hearing the news of layoffs, and a bunch of colleagues can’t sleep

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November 8: Preparatory steps before being laid off, Workday failed the stress test, and bad news before Thanksgiving all come together

News from the November 6 Wall Street Journal heralds Meta’s imminent mass layoffs. Whether it’s inside the company or on Blind, the WSJ will usually report the discussion only after confirming a reliable source, so everyone really expects that there will be layoffs (of course, it doesn’t matter if it’s just a wolf in the end). Considering the total number of people on Meta, there is a high probability that the number of people affected will be bigger than last week’s Twitter!

Because there was a little time to prepare, everyone began to prepare for the worst case. Similar to last week’s Twitter layoffs, everyone began to do the following steps:

  1. Prepare personal mobile phones and computers. Many people in the company like me don’t like to carry 2 mobile phones and 2 numbers after a while, but if the device is locked, there is nothing to use, so prepare first. If you haven’t, you can change the bank or other account number to your family’s number first.
  2. Go to Workday to download your tax returns, salary information, and past records. If you have not set an account password, remember to use your personal email to set it. If you do not set it, there should still be a way to find Workday for assistance in the future, but it may be very troublesome. Because of this, Workday was once suspended today. A company may have thousands or tens of thousands of people downloading data together, and their servers were overloaded. The stress test failed XD
  3. The stock account and retirement account have separate login passwords, instead of using the company’s single sign-on (SSO) to log in.
  4. Any settings that link your personal account to your company email, change it to your personal email.
  5. Write down the people you have worked with in the past so that you can connect with them on LinkedIn or other occasions afterwards.
  6. Wellness or all kinds of expenses that have not been reimbursed should be reimbursed quickly, and remote employees will be reimbursed for monthly wifi and annual purchases of work products.
  7. Although FSA can have an unused $570 rollover to the next year, if it is laid off, it will be taken back by the company. You can consider getting glasses in these two days or go to the Amazon FSA store to buy the medical supplies you need.
  8. Take advantage of Tuesday to get together with colleagues, thank you for your cooperation in the past, and hope everyone is fine, but even if it happens, I still wish each other a bright future, and look forward to meeting again in the future in the journey of life.
  9. Hurry up and release the project that needs to be finished or launched! I was supposed to announce a product this week! What a pressure to make it to Wednesday!
  10. If you have visa issues, plan for possible filings in advance…

It was rumored that a consulting company made a layoff plan for the company. At this time, the result probably has nothing to do with personal ability, but more about the company’s future direction, organizational importance, or cost optimization equation. May you all adjust your mood and get through this difficult time.


November 10: The third layoff in my life (Meta), the experience of sleepless nights, and a job-hunting network that asks everyone to help each other

From Sunday’s WSJ news that made everyone worry about layoffs, until Monday and Tuesday, there was basically no official statement within the company (generally it may not be possible to explain again, or it can only be acted in advance), and everyone in the company is preparing . Tuesday ushered in the moment when the most people returned to the office since the epidemic. Everyone came to meet with teammates, eat together, and pack up their seats. In the afternoon, our team also gathered together to say that if we don’t see each other today, we would like to thank each other for our past work. It’s actually quite warm.

As a result, Blind announced last night that it was suspected that 20% or 16,200 people would be laid off. This figure is much higher than the 10% or 15% figure heard before, which made everyone very nervous. I also prepared for the worst. In addition to sharing the preparations for the account settings made by everyone the day before yesterday, I was also busy until 10:30 in the evening. I wrote down the steps that were required until the official release of the project I was going to release into a wiki, and put it into a wiki. Share it with the group. If I leave, the person who takes over can easily check and implement it.

I took melatonin before going to bed at night to help sleep, but because of rumors that the east coast of the United States will be notified at 6-10 am (3-7 am in California), I woke up at 4 am and checked the company-wide The email has already announced the news of layoffs, but I haven’t received a letter about whether I have been affected. The company has also seen a bunch of people online, and everyone can’t sleep anxiously waiting. After 6 o’clock, I received a letter that I was not affected, but at the same time, I saw many colleagues began to say in the internal group that they were affected, and said goodbye to everyone. After everyone finished speaking, their accounts were closed in about 10-20 minutes. No more interaction.

Because there is a time lag for everyone to receive emails, in fact, one after another, we know that our colleagues are affected. When everyone knows that they are affected by the post, many of us will reply with the emoji pattern of salutation and wish him/her a smooth future. Among them, some colleagues I know are very capable and have been in the company for a long time, but they were also affected. In fact, compared to my previous company where I found out that my colleagues had disappeared after the layoffs, this time everyone had more preparation time and had more time to say goodbye, but the disadvantage is that they knew the news too early. At night, a bunch of colleagues couldn’t sleep at all.

Later, the company had a company-wide Q&A in the morning, which was similar to what was said in the news. Everyone in the group confirmed with each other which cooperative teammates had left. In fact, the atmosphere was quite low…

All in all, the scale of 11,000 people at a time is the largest in the technology industry this year (2022). Although there is a severance package of 16 weeks + 2 weeks of X-year seniority, in the current bad economy, a lot of people in the market are looking for Work, everyone is under increasing pressure to find a job. Many people are the only source of salary at home. Colleagues who have visa problems are the most distressed. I can only say that the numbers seen on the news have deeply affected countless family members. Those who stay will also worry that the situation will continue to deteriorate, and that layoffs may occur at different stages in the future…

In the previous ” Naiwanlang internal promotion mutual aid network (not limited to job category, industry, country) “, I specially added the column “Is the company currently recruiting normally?”, and I also ask friends who have filled out the form in the past to help update. If your company is recruiting, you are also welcome to put the information in the above form.



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