Meatable showcases its first synthetic pork sausage product

Meatable, a biotechnology company creating cultivated lab-grown meat products, has recently shared pictures of its inaugural pork sausage. Founded in 2018, Meatable is said to be one of the several companies that develop cell-cultured meat products, one of the several solutions hyped for helping tackle climate change.

Several companies of cultivated meat have forayed into the brawl and secured venture capital money for finding solutions to develop real meat without causing harm to animals or the environment.

According to Meatable, its major differentiator is the way it has cultivated synthetic meat products from the get-go instead of using FBS (fetal bovine serum), which is collected from cattle fetuses.

The firm says that it employs opti-ox technology, which is centered on a single cell from the umbilical cord of an animal and provides no harm to the animal.

As per credible sources, several other corporations have also begun to eradicate FBS from their meat development process, however, Meatable claims that the traction has been followed since its inception.

Meatable has raised funding of $10 million in the year 2019 and followed that up with a $47 million Series A last year in 2020.

Notably, Netherlands-based firm Delft is also demonstrating for the first time how its sausage would look like once cooked.

It is worth mentioning that this announcement simply indicates that Meatable’s cultivated meat sausage is transforming from research into something more similar to a final product.

Earlier, the firm had shown an uncooked and raw version of its synthetic sausage. After a vote in the Dutch House of Representatives back in March that allows people to get a taste of cultured meat in regulated settings, the company is now planning to take things further once it becomes legal. However, the founders are already allowed to taste their products.

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