Marble Technology creates an online learning platform for elders – instant interaction and connection with feelings can be done with just one TV

Marble Technology creates an online learning platform for elders - instant interaction and connection with feelings can be done with just one TV
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Marble Technology is one of the participating teams of the 3rd Social Enterprise Streaming iLab Incubation Project. They provide overall solutions for local elderly services, and are committed to integrating humanistic care with the convenience of technology, hoping to make technology a gathering place for the elderly and their relatives any door to bring the elderly a better quality of life. Since 2014, the social enterprise stream has launched the iLab incubation program , dedicated to becoming a growth engine for social innovation entrepreneurs. So far, it has supported 200+ entrepreneurial teams to launch more and far-reaching social influence through business. More than 180,000 beneficiaries and cooperative teams have raised more than TWD 100 million in total. iLab will select articles related to the field of entrepreneurship every month, and follow the latest trends and knowledge at home and abroad with you. Taiwan is about to enter a super-aged society. By 2025, one out of every five people will be an elder over the age of 65. Under the raging epidemic, more elders are staying at home. The elders cannot go to Evergreen Academy and community colleges for practical classes, and it is difficult for them to have the opportunity to physically reunite with their children. They often pass the time through television. Now, in addition to watching ordinary TV programs, elders have different options to learn new things through TV. Marble Technology has launched an online companion course app that is most suitable for elders, allowing elders to interact with teachers online through a TV or tablet, creating an online virtual classroom, allowing elders and teachers to have real-time interaction and dialogue. In terms of learning themes, Marble Technology also cooperates with professional teachers to provide theme courses that are in line with the life of the silver-haired group. In recent years, the number of people using online learning has grown significantly, but in general, the most common online courses on the market are online courses that are mainly aimed at enterprises and ordinary young people, and few online courses are mainly aimed at the elderly. MABOW CLUB distance learning finds out the need of the elders to accompany them. Through online learning, it connects the children, elders, and teachers with teaching experience in the family.


Distance learning can also have profound companionship

Based on the development experience in the past, Mabel started with a TV phone, and now it will extend its service tentacles to online learning, accompany the elders through online learning, and use technological innovation to bring different long-term care services.


Instant interaction with video

MABOW CLUB distance learning is different from general online course platforms. It does not play recorded online videos, but focuses on real-time interaction between students and teachers, across the limitations of space. Students and teachers can communicate online. If students have any questions to ask the teacher, they can also raise their hands to ask questions by operating the remote control.

Marble Technology creates an online learning platform for elders - instant interaction and connection with feelings can be done with just one TV


Life-oriented curriculum learning themes

The distance learning platform will add new themed courses every month, so that children can choose suitable courses for their parents at home on the app. The planning of the subject of the course is matched with the usual life experience of the elders, from home safety to sports themed courses, so that the silver-haired group can carry out daily learning. Invite retired police officers to teach the elders a life safety course on fraud prevention, so that you no longer have to worry about the elders in the family receiving fraudulent calls from unknown sources; invite physical fitness coaches to design exclusive courses for the silver-haired people, so that the elders can exercise lower body muscles, Don’t be afraid of falling down while walking.


Focus on small class and high participation

If the number of participants in the course is too large, the quality of the interaction between the students may be reduced, and the teacher may not be able to call out the students’ names. In order to allow the students who participate in the course to have a better service experience, the platform adopts a small class system. Design, each class can have up to five elders having fun together, so that teachers and elders can have the closest communication.


E-Learning Across Vehicles

Elders usually watch TV most often. The main platform of the platform is to be able to use TV to teach classes, and to say hello to teachers on TV! Let the parents at home use the TV remote control to interact with the teacher. In addition to the TV, the tablet can also go to class smoothly, so that users can freely choose the most suitable class for themselves.


Children get first-hand feedback

The children are concerned about whether the elders in the family are accompanied, but they are too busy with work to spend time to accompany the elders. Through the after-school contact book of the distance learning platform, they can know what their parents have been on today, and also increase the chat between family members. Teachers can also send messages to children through the background to maintain contact between the two parties.


Accompany the elders to live happier

Under the epidemic, the interaction between people has decreased, and there are fewer community bases where the elders can go to exercise. How to make the elders still get psychological companionship under this situation, maintain a happy mood and mental health , is also an issue that requires our joint attention under the epidemic. Although companionship is abstract, it can bring value to the people around us. MABOW CLUB distance learning will become the most suitable learning platform to accompany the elders in your family.

Marble Technology creates an online learning platform for elders - instant interaction and connection with feelings can be done with just one TV

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