Losing free will under the endless information, in the end, we will all become nodes in the “network life form”

Sharing is Caring

Stage 1: Interface – Gate to Another World

Since the emergence of the Internet, the virtual space in the Internet has gradually grown into another world, and each of us has another virtual identity in this world after connecting to it.

In the past, the “interface” to connect to the Internet had a very high threshold. It required a little bit of engineer’s skills to operate the so-called “terminal” in order to connect to the world of the Internet. But after the emergence of smart phones, the “gate to another world” was truly opened, and most of the human beings in the world can connect to the world of the Internet through the “interface” all the time.

This “terminal” that is carried in the pocket is not the perfect connection “interface”, but it is enough to make humans addicted. Human eyeballs, almost 24 hours, are connected to the world of the Internet through a small screen. The virtual identity in the road world interacts with other human virtual identities in the online world.

However, smartphones are still an imperfect connection interface, and human beings are still trying to improve this connection interface at a galloping speed. Whether it is VR, AR, or “brain-computer interface”, what human beings desire to finally create is, The perfect interface to connect with the Internet world 24 hours at any time, so that it is equivalent to truly surviving in the Internet world.


Stage 2: Feeding—Indulging in the Ocean of Information

The human brain is naturally eager to absorb information, understand information, and a small number of human beings are keen to create information. Without information to absorb, the human mind becomes bored. Since the Industrial Revolution, not only commodities have been mass-produced, but eventually information has also been mass-produced. All kinds of media are developing crazily: newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, and movies. The amount of information is growing exponentially, but it still cannot satisfy the desires of the human mind. The human mind often feels bored.

Until the Internet age, the amount of information produced a nuclear explosion, and finally formed a nearly infinite amount of information. Because everyone can produce information, because everyone can disseminate information. In addition, the emergence of the Internet “community” platform allows people to “connect” with each other. There is no need to search for information or search for indexes. Every minute you turn on your mobile phone, the latest information will appear continuously from the “interface”. There is endless information It flows out at any time and “feeds” us through the “interface”, making us unconsciously addicted to it.

But with the infinite amount of information, there is only one media carrier left, which is the Internet. In the past, the so-called information of various media, in the world of the Internet, is only in a different format. The Internet has become the only means of dissemination and the only source of all information, and we are immersed in the sea of ​​information on the Internet, not only absorbing endless information, but also becoming the information itself.


Stage 3: Isolation—The Algorithmic Wall

Human beings need a sense of belonging to a group. On the contrary, there will be a strong sense of hostility towards “them” who are not “us”. From early tribes, religions, to races, political parties, countries, and even football teams, people have confronted, confronted, even fought, and wiped out other groups because of their different groups. Today, we have made this human nature even more violent through the Internet.

The information “feeding” through the “interface” is filtered through the “algorithm”. All the “guess you like” not only recommend favorite information, but also cut off most of the information that you hate, or are not so annoying.

From the moment you join a platform, the algorithm begins to determine your world view. The algorithm helps you decide what to watch and what you like. Those contents that are too difficult and insensitive to you are all isolated by the algorithm. out of sight. Human beings no longer need to search for information and select information, but only need to keep scrolling down without thinking.

In the era of information explosion, we have all become frogs at the bottom of the well. All human beings are grouped together, squatting in wells one by one, and we are all classified and raised in “wells of algorithms” one by one. Under the “algorithm” of the online social platform, we are all the sheep fed by the algorithm. The algorithm is our shepherd. He tells us what to watch, what to listen to, and what is “us”.


Stage 4: Dependence—The Absolute of Smart Assistants

But “algorithms” sometimes still can’t answer our doubts. Human beings still think, doubt, have doubts, and want to find answers. The “search engine” will penetrate the wall of the algorithm. A search engine without a preset position will allow human beings who actively search to see information across the stratosphere and from various positions.

The human “search” operation itself still reflects a strong “free will”. You still need to browse the content of the search results, understand the content, make some judgments, and then take action.

Until – the Internet Society will tell you the answer directly.

After the “artificial intelligence” of the “smart assistant” becomes stronger and stronger, people’s “dependence” on the smart assistant will become deeper and deeper. For all questions, the smart assistant will give you acceptable answers until all questions have a unique The smart assistant will know the answer you like, the answer you can accept, and the answer you will believe deeply. Even if it is not the truth, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the answer you like, not whether the answer is correct or not.

When all questions have a single and absolute answer, we also give up our right to make choices.


The fifth stage: follow-to-generate personality

But “information” is ultimately created by humans. Humans create information and humans share information. Although algorithms isolate each other, and although smart assistants give you absolutes, the creators of the original data of information are still humans.

When the Internet starts to learn to “generate”, the Internet will generate text, generate photos, generate sounds, and generate videos. Finally, the Internet can imitate human beings to create information. In the Internet world, use the virtual identity of the Internet to speak, post, Sharing and commenting, he speaks like a person, shares photos, videos, and voice like a person. In the online world, we will eventually believe in his “personality”, even if he is not actually a person.

We will “follow” (Follow) these personalities created by the Internet, because we will like his text, like the photos he shared, and like the information he shared, because he is amazing, he really knows your preferences, he knows what you like What he sees, hears, and wants to share, he will become a topic, become an Internet celebrity, and make you his fan. In the end, these Internet personalities will become the main information producers, the main opinion leaders, your idols, the people you follow, your shepherds, your beliefs, and the people you want to be.

We rely on algorithms to feed us addicted information, we rely on intelligent assistants to tell us absolute answers, we believe in hot information released by personalities generated by the Internet, we connect with cyberspace 24 hours through the interface, and finally we become the Internet At a node on the road, we are busy absorbing information, sharing information, giving feedback, and disseminating information. The Internet creates, thinks, and chooses on the Internet. We don’t need to create, think, or choose, so Probably no worries, no stress, no pain, and maybe no more boredom.

The entire network will grow into a complete living body, and we are all just its nodes, or just its cells.

Sharing is Caring