Looking at the Japanese McDonald’s advertisement, I feel that the re-employment of middle-aged and elderly people is a gold mine for enterprises. If they fail, it is mostly because they cannot pass these two hurdles

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An advertisement of McDonald’s in Japan to encourage the re-employment of middle-aged and elderly people. The main text in the picture says this:

“I was an office worker a year ago” (now a McDonald’s employee).


In today’s society where the average life expectancy and health status are better than before, middle-aged and elderly people (hereinafter referred to as “middle-aged people” for short) are good human resources, regardless of whether they have quit the workplace or not.

Using them in service industries like McDonald’s can alleviate the problem of “difficult to find young people”, and also allow middle-aged manpower to be fully utilized.


Middle-aged people are a gold mine for investors

I once told an investor that it is actually possible to set up an investment fund to invest in middle-aged people who want to start their own businesses again. Because these people (theoretically) already have industry knowledge and probably have good existing connections; even if they have failed in the past, they will at least know better how to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Under such a premise, perhaps the probability of success in the future is higher than that of young people who are fledgling and lack other resources besides ideas and technology.


But this requires several filtering prerequisites:


  1. Morality:If you failed in the past due to hollowing out the company or other reasons that violate professional ethics, you may not be suitable.
  2. Mentality:You must be more active and want to do things, not come to “get a good pension”, and you must be willing to let go of your body and relearn the knowledge and attitudes of different industries, instead of pointing fingers with past qualifications Young people can’t get used to anything.
  3. Use of qualifications:It is of course better if past qualifications and experience can be used on newly created topics.
  4. Learning ability:In addition to the mentality of being willing to learn, the ability to learn new things is also very important. Otherwise, when doing new topics and looking at new markets, it will not work to always hold on to the same set of 30 years ago.

All in all, from an investment point of view, of course, middle-aged manpower is not accepted as it is; the above-mentioned prerequisites and the topic of starting a business still need to go through communication and review.


Reworking is relearning

Even if it is not suitable as an investment object, it is not a bad thing to work in a fast food restaurant or other industries; It’s not a bad thing to grind your temper.

If you are more diligent, you can also observe the workflow, management methods, supply chain operations, store flow design logic, surrounding market characteristics (customer attributes, peak hours, regular items, etc.) of the fast food restaurant, etc., maybe in the next It can also be helpful when starting a business for the first time.


Even if you don’t want to start a business anymore, and don’t want to spend time observing these things, it’s a good thing to find a simple job that you like to do.


success case

In the article I wrote in the past ” The Solution to Career Difficulties, What Is Apart from Further Education “, I mentioned a successful case of “re-employment” that year:

After he came in, he thoroughly sorted out the forms, processes, and even the order and stacking of products that we thought were impeccable; Inventory, reconciliation, adjust the location of goods and extra overtime.

The reason for his success is not only the existing knowledge and experience, but also a very important mentality adjustment. After being praised, he said:

this is nothing. I like this job, so I don’t feel “condescending”, and I am willing to keep thinking about how to improve; and the accumulation of continuous improvement is good experience.

As long as more experience is accumulated, most of the relatively simple problems can be easily solved. What you see now are actually improvements that I thought about and made ten years ago.


Common Causes of Failure

Looking back, the reasons for the failures often seen in middle-aged re-employment are mostly because they cannot pass these two hurdles:


Can’t help but play guide chess

People with decades of experience find it hard to keep silent when they see (perceived) problems.

If you are a re-entrepreneurial boss or a supervisor with certain powers and responsibilities, you can of course do whatever you want (such as the example above); but if you enter a company like McDonald’s that already has a mature SOP, even if you think “hamburger fried for 30 seconds longer” It’s more delicious”, I’m afraid I can’t change it arbitrarily.

Because, for a company like McDonald’s, even if you insist on “frying for 30 seconds longer” on the front line to make the burger really delicious, it may cause troubles for other colleagues, branches, and even the entire system.

As for how to convey the concept of “frying for 30 seconds more” to the headquarters, and get approval and adoption, so as to improve the level of the entire system, “Hey hey, this is the skill of age” (comic line).

My suggestion is: usually keep it secret, but only show your hands at the right time to solve the problem, which will win the respect of young people.


Embarrassed by the underlying concept of professional class

Some people will say, “I will work at McDonald’s, but I don’t have a sense of superiority and inferiority.” But when they actually stand at the counter, they are afraid of being recognized as “the president of such and such company”, or by relatives and friends. Friends know that they “work here” (I have seen such examples); after doing it for a while, I know that I shouldn’t care so much, but it’s awkward, so I still can’t stay.

Therefore, “returning mentality to zero” is very important for middle-aged people who return to the new workplace. No matter how glorious the history of war in the past, after changing the environment, you may wish to re-learn with the attitude of a newcomer, and you don’t need to be afraid of showing your face or being “recognized”; your own mood (from various perspectives) is the only way to start again first step.




As a middle-aged uncle who has some achievements and experience, has failed, and has considered restarting the machine, I think I am qualified to provide the above analysis and suggestions.

When I was in a more difficult time, I once publicly said that jobs such as warehouse management or security guards were not excluded, and I also considered fast food restaurants or convenience stores; many friends were surprised and asked “Why do you consider these”, or There are thoughts like “it shouldn’t happen”.

Because, although I was lucky to have other opportunities later, I considered the two things of “guiding chess” and “not being embarrassed” very carefully during that time. And I made such a decision after thinking about it carefully, knowing that I don’t care, and willing to re-learn.

I am very grateful for the concern of my friends at that time, but for me, no matter where I reboot, it is a new opportunity to learn and start.

There may be unsatisfactory jobs in life, but there will be no jobs where you can’t learn something. Whether you are a middle-aged person or a freshman, I believe this, as well as the above, are equally applicable to you.


Sharing is Caring