KIMM develops world’s first new stretchable meta- display technology

Sharing is Caring develops world’s first new stretchable meta- display technology

The Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM) has reportedly developed the first stretchable micro-LED meta display that can be stretched nearly 25% without image distortion.

A research team under the leadership of senior researcher of the Department of Nano-Mechanics, Jang Bong-kyun, developed the display under the uniaxial stretching and issued their research outcome in Advanced Functional Materials, a peer-reviewed journal.

The technology was developed under the project Development of Meta-display Technology Based on Micro-LEDs that was carried out in 2019 under the Global Frontier Project of the Ministry of Science and ICT, with support from the CAMM (Centre for Advanced Meta-Materials). KIMM’s Department of Nano-Mechanics has been researching micro-LED transfer technology since 2008.

The research team at KIMM developed the three-inch micro-LED meta display that enables the non-distortion of the displayed image, even when the display is pulled in a certain direction. This was attained by utilizing metamaterials design and production technology with distinct mechanical properties that are non-existent.

Stretchable materials, like rubber, exhibit width shrinkage when stretched lengthwise leading to the distortion of the image. This was also the same in the case of the rubber-based stretchable display until now.

The research team at KIMM applied the circuit board with mechanical metamaterials having a negative Poisson ratio, which refers to the ratio of the width of the material shrinkage when it stretches lengthwise.

When a mechanical metamaterial with -1 Poisson ratio is stretched lengthwise, it exhibits the effect of stretching width wise at the same ratio. Therefore, a display using these materials is characterized by non-distorted images.

The research team implemented mechanical metamaterial designs and production technology to the leading roll transfer technology of large area micro-LED in developing the new meta-display production technology.

Based on the successful outcomes of this project, the research team intends to perform follow-up research on micro-LED displays for realistic metaverses.

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