“It’s something he wanted” – This Is Ardee

The presenter Ana Obregón has won the first episode of Mapi, the new competition that La 1 has prepared for the month of August and in which the singers La Mari and El Sevilla also took part.

The biologist was crowned the evening’s big winner by beating her peers and for that reason took the opportunity to say that she will donate the €3,000 prize to the Aless Lequio Foundation.

“I’m going to donate it to a foundation that I started, a foundation in my son’s name, because it’s something he wanted,” Obregón told RTVE, on the brink of tears, on the set.

“It’s the Álex Lequio Foundation. And I’m not going to get excited… It’s designed to research cancer and help people of little financial means in this long fight,” he concluded.

Álex Lequio, the interpreter’s son with Alessandro Lequio, died of this disease in spring 2020. Since then, Obregón has insisted it’s important to study it.

“You are overflowing with so much love for life, kindness, resourcefulness, solidarity and an immense talent for having a bright future that illuminates all of us around you. A future that damn cancer took away from you. Your absence breaks me, the anger, the injustice, sadness, melancholy and a cocktail of feelings that hurt so much that I often can’t take it anymore,” the actress recently wrote on Instagram.


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