“It’s not that you can’t handle people, it’s that you don’t understand human nature”: “Bodhisattva’s heart and diamond methods” are the common characteristics of the strong

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The strong control the hearts of the people by disrupting the situation

Adults must understand that everything should not look at the surface, the calmer the lake, the more choppy it is. The weak are in a dilemma in the waves, while the strong stir up the situation. Let’s first look at a story told by my master. He was also a man of the hour, and he became the second in command of the group by virtue of his own ability. Now he has long retired, but his insight into human nature can be described as profound. The story he told gave me my first taste of the mind of a master.

The protagonist of the story, let’s call him Boss Li for the time being, started a company from scratch, and after decades of hard work, he finally made the company a big one. Later, when he was old, he planned to retire and let his son take over. But Boss Li knew very well that the backbone of the company at this time was either a veteran or a shareholder. Even if he proposed to let his son take over his position, I am afraid that everyone would not accept his son. So he secretly arranged, and within half a year, he did two major things one after another: one was to dilute the shares and reduce the share of shareholders; the other was to adjust personnel and take back the original power.

As can be imagined, the interests of the shareholders were damaged, the authority of the elders was demolished, and the company complained a lot, full of dissatisfaction with Boss Li. When the son saw it, he became anxious immediately: “Dad, what are you doing? Didn’t you pave the way for me? Now the company is in chaos, and it will be even more difficult for me to clean up.” Hearing what his son said, Boss Li didn’t feel complacent. He moved, but still calmly said: “Your boy’s way of controlling people still needs a lot of work, don’t worry, just listen to me, and you will know when the time comes!”

In this way, Boss Li not only did not solve the company’s difficult situation, but immediately announced a decision that shocked everyone: promote Lao Yang from the HR department to vice president. In front of everyone in the company, he also praised Lao Yang’s outstanding contribution in terms of personnel. Now the company was even more chaotic, but Boss Li was secretly happy. He called his son to him, and after explaining a few words, his son suddenly came to his senses.

On the day when the father and son were officially handed over, Boss Li’s son first announced three major events: 1. Removal of Lao Yang’s position as vice president; 6 young backbones were promoted to the middle level. For a while, the voice spread everywhere in the company: “Xiao Li is more benevolent than Lao Li, and Lao Yang did all the immoral things. It is estimated that the benefits will be better in the future…”

In this way, the turmoil in the company came to an abrupt end, Boss Li retired with eace of mind, and Xiao Li also conquered the hearts of the people at once and secured his position. As for the group of elders, everyone is as happy as a child… There is also a tragic character, Lao Yang, which we will talk about later.

After reading this, have you seen the mystery inside? All clever bosses or superiors can sit in their positions not simply by luck, but by deep knowledge of the secrets of human nature. Why did Boss Li dilute his shares for no reason and take back the old man’s real power? All this seems irrelevant to ordinary people, but experts know that this is a clever layout.

When we read historical allusions or watch Gongdou dramas, we often find that whenever the emperor wants to pass the throne when he is old, he often does this action: first find some unwarranted charges, and demote some prestigious and capable ministers. Transferred outside the post, and then wait for the new emperor to ascend the throne and call them back as soon as possible, entrusting them with important tasks. Boss Li’s technique of manipulating people is also the same. He did so based on two considerations.

The first is to help his son “pull out the thorns”. It is difficult to control the situation where the ministers are strong and the masters are weak, so those who take credit and pride must be suppressed, but this task offends others, so naturally they cannot let the son do it; the second is to help the son pave the way. Boss Li took back the real power of the elders first, causing everyone to complain. After his son took over the company and returned their equity, these people would be more loyal to his son and help his son conquer people’s hearts in one fell swoop.

Next, let’s talk about the tragic figure Lao Yang. When the company was in turmoil, he was inexplicably promoted to vice president. I’m afraid he was happy in his heart, but Boss Li’s son “cut him” first after taking office. Many people said that they could not understand this wave of operations, but in fact it was because their understanding of human nature was not deep enough. Boss Li diluted his shares and took back the old man’s real power.

Although everyone complained, the dissatisfaction has not yet reached the commanding heights. Therefore, it is necessary to add a fire at this time, and then let the son put out the fire when the fire is hot, and become the hero of everyone. There is no doubt that Lao Yang became a victim of the struggle.

Looking at the historical allusions, or the handwriting of many directors, we can find one thing: To become a hero, we must first create a bad guy, attribute all the faults to him, and let the protagonist kill him, so the hero is born . As the saying goes, if there is no evil, how do you fight against evil, and how do you become a hero fighting against evil? Some people may say: “The company is so dark, I don’t want to do it here, I want to resign…”

In fact, this is the difference in thinking that I often talk about: the strong face and solve problems; the weak choose to escape, eager to solve problems by changing the external environment. But does this solve the problem?

Bodhisattva heart and vajra means are the common characteristics of the strong. If a person only wants to influence the world with a compassionate heart, most of the time it will be difficult to persevere. And this kind of unconditional goodness is likely to become a breeding ground for evil. The power of the strong lies in that they can see a person’s ability and judge his nature, use morality to stimulate the angelic side of individual human nature, and use institutions to deter the devilish side of individual human nature.

Thought leads to action. When your cognition changes, the way you deal with a matter will change in many cases, and the choices you have will also increase. Therefore, don’t give up on continuously improving your thinking and upgrading your brain at any time. Only in this way can you walk wider and smoother on the road of life.

Sharing is Caring