Is “integrity” an essential quality for professional workers, or is it the bottom line?

Sharing is Caring

integrity, The election of local chiefs has also entered the countdown stage. The past few elections have not been like this one. When the candidate’s papers, school experience and even job application experience have been freed from decoration and icing on the cake, they are constantly being magnified and inspected by the competing camps. The candidate’s degree is therefore revoked. And the famous talkers on TV and opinion leaders on the Internet seem to have become experts in themes, research methods and academic ethics of their papers, and everyone can say a few words about other people’s research fields and papers.

However, behind these dissertations and degrees, perhaps we can ask ourselves, what values ​​do these cares reflect? Whether we care about authenticity, integrity, down-to-earth, sincerity, humility, and empathy, are these values ​​reflected in our daily work in addition to asking politicians?

Working in a large company, in addition to the unavoidable cumbersome approval and compliance process, the most stressful thing is often the regular or irregular audit process. Often, once the audit starts, it will not be mentioned for several weeks, and every Every letter requesting an audit must be answered within 24 or 48 hours. Items that can be audited are also all-encompassing, ranging from small fare reimbursement, communication expenses, to activity expenses and even planning expenses. Every expense is actually the company’s operating expenses and is also the company’s shareholders’ money. Devotion is, in fact, a record of the day-to-day business activities of professionals.

The most troublesome thing about the audit is often not the timeliness of the instant reply, or the collation of the information, but before answering each question, I have to ask myself, do I have enough confidence in the past me now, and I have enough confidence in the original me? Keep records of every expenditure and audit project, and ensure compliance with company regulations? This kind of self-examination or self-reconfirmation actually represents whether each current self can rely on his own integrity to make the most favorable judgment for the company, customers and those he serves.

The audit is also like the process of a company’s self-health check. Through the earth-shaking inspection, it checks whether the company’s internal processes, business behaviors, internal controls, and business expenses are all reasonable, and also finds out unnecessary or even inapplicable processes. Perform re-inspection and adjustment. Auditing is not so much about catching mistakes, but more like catching leaks, to avoid more unnecessary expenses or processes that slow down the company’s progress.

As a corporate publicist, every time I reply to a media message, every time I publish an article or provide information, I cannot avoid similar self-questioning:

  • Have I identified the source of the information to the best of my ability?
  • Do I have, to the best of my ability, in-house professionals who I can verify content with?
  • Have I ensured that the content has been reviewed and agreed to by the relevant people, etc.?

These self-checkpoints are also like audits, and each step of confirmation is used to ensure that the future self will not be unable to face the previous self.

Perhaps, every time we make a professional decision or judgment, we can also use an auditing eye to see whether we are adhering to the values ​​we believe in and making the best judgment that we can make at the moment.


Sharing is Caring