Interns who can be hired by companies as full-time manpower are often not the most talented and blockbuster type

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In recent years, as the industry has accelerated the pace of early deployment and grabbing talents, many large companies have started their internship programs in advance to the end of the previous year. There are also more fresh people who are ready to enter the workplace after the end of their studies, and they are also staring at the internship vacancies offered by the industry, hoping to grab a priority boarding ticket for themselves.

Internship programs for companies, in addition to looking for talents who may enter the company in the future, there is more to screen and match in advance for potential working partners in the future. From the first day when the interns contacted the recruitment information, it was like getting promotional materials for a package itinerary provided by a travel agency. Looking at the beautiful office, looking at the young and energetic working partners in the photos, and the benefits that seem to be superior to those in the industry, I can’t help but imagine that if I enter the company, it will be like a travel agency in a foreign country. That kind of exotic romantic imagination.


However, the difference between the real workplace and suit travel is that people in the company are also being inspected by others around them from time to time. Whether it is one’s own image, attitude and working style, or even whether one has the ability of teamwork and external communication, they are inspected and evaluated one by one like a luggage list for packing.


Although interns are not entrusted with the heavy responsibility of corporate performance or final work results, they often try small-scale knowledge and skills by participating in part of the work process. Through actually engaging in paid work, I can actually experience the difference between school theory and practice, imagination and practice, and can more objectively evaluate my potential and possible level as a professional worker.

For companies, building a good employer brand, and even through the immersive culture of the internship program, allows interns to get a glimpse into the internal operation of the company and experience how they are in their jobs and projects, which will also affect the future. Possibly a worker who is also an industry practitioner. In addition, interns also establish their own future career coordinates and establish their initial contacts in the workplace through the interaction with other people in the company.


Interns come and go, and the interns who can be really used by the company and even finally enter the company as working partners may still be relatively small compared to the number of people who participate in the internship program every year. Usually, the interns who can be re-hired by the company as full-time employees are often not the most talented and blockbuster types, but those who are willing to work as if they are full-time employees.


Whether it is good at team communication, immediate delivery of work results, willingness to take responsibility for team work, and willingness to accept feedback and quickly adjust working methods and paces in projects, these qualities are not reflected in beautiful club experiences or sloppy interview stories. can show. It is more based on the somatosensory and body memory obtained from the interaction with project members in the workplace.


Just like those travel memories that impress you, it is often not the sights that other people tell you must go, or imitating travel books to take pictures of the same scenery in front of the mountains and seas. It is more about the interaction between you and your traveling companions and the environment, and finally leaves you in a certain moment and place, a beautiful picture that you and your traveling companions are willing to recall together.

Instead of watching from the sidelines and imagining the beauty of certain jobs, it is better to go through the internship to understand the beauty and not-so-good aspects of the working environment of your dreams. Through the actual physical experience, I can explore the environment in which I can properly develop my abilities and potentials, and use internships to create memories that I and my work partners in the same memory time zone can and are willing to relive together.

Sharing is Caring