Huang Dami’s “You Can Be Strong, You Can Show Weakness”: Those who can swallow that breath at the critical moment are the real strong

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Those who can swallow one breath are really strong


The human part is done,

No matter how unreasonable things are, there is room for change.

If people’s emotions are not well comforted,

Even the simplest things can be made difficult.


Ever wonder why bosses only like obedient minions? People who are really capable and thoughtful often fail to develop as doglegs?

Let me explain it to you with a little story.

When I was working as a corporate PR, after a press conference, I immediately relaxed physically and mentally, and decided to find a free time to take a taxi to a clothing store and buy clothes.

On weekdays, I always take the bus. In my opinion, the shortest way to the clothing store is the route taken by the bus. Unexpectedly, after taking a taxi, the driver drove in a completely different direction. I began to wonder if the driver was unclear about the road conditions, or wanted to take a long detour. Politely asked the driver: “Why don’t you take the bridge in front? I usually take the bus like this.” The driver said: “The bus will make a detour to pick up more passengers. The road I take now is closer. .”

I was skeptical of his words, and I was very uneasy about taking a ride, so I asked the driver to listen to me and follow the road I specified. He grumbled a bit, but followed my instructions and changed his driving path. All of a sudden, I felt like every road was the same again. I was not sure whether it would lead to my destination. In a panic, I asked the driver brother to go forward, and then instructed him to turn. Our car became a headless chicken on the road. Go round and round. I couldn’t bear to admit my mistake, and the atmosphere in the car became a little stiff. In order to escape all this, I immediately got off the taxi and took a bus instead. Although it is slow, at least it is a safe and familiar way for me.

After getting out of the car and walking a few steps, my sense of direction came back, and I also realized that the road suggested by the driver brother just now was indeed the shortest distance. A strong sense of guilt welled up in my heart: “The driver must know that I am wrong, but because I am the one who pays, even if he knows that I am wrong, he still has to listen to me. If he insists on taking the route he wants to take, Even if it is true, it will make me unhappy.”

My passenger mentality is the mentality of many bosses.

A boss pays employees to solve his problems, not to create more problems by asking employees to comment on and refute his decisions. No matter how stupid you think the boss told you, do it first and give the boss a face. If it really doesn’t work, at least you have tried it, and then you can tactfully provide suggestions to the boss. The final decision is still up to you Give it to the boss.

In the workplace, we are not only dealing with things, but also dealing with people. Once the human part is settled, there is room for turning around any unreasonable things. If people’s emotions are not well comforted, even the simplest things may be made difficult.

Let me tell you another story:

Xiao Liang is a voice actress. One day, she took over a case. The general manager of the client brand came to the meeting in person. As soon as the general manager opened his mouth, he said: “I hope that the voice you dub will be like that. When you close your eyes and listen to it, the voice will feel like It’s cool… you know the cool feeling, right?”

“What? What kind of cool feeling?” Xiao Liang felt a lot of disapproval in her heart. What kind of voice is a cool voice? Is it the kind of cool that is haunted in July? A rookie voice actor would definitely roll her eyes at this time. Xiao Liang is a senior voice actor with super high EQ. She didn’t say anything, but asked the general manager with a smile: “Cool voice? No problem, general manager, would you like to see about How cold is it? Do you prefer 10 degrees, minus 5 degrees, or minus 30 degrees?” Everyone at the scene, including the general manager, couldn’t help laughing.

The general manager was a little embarrassed and said: “Oh, it’s cool. You know we sell ice, so we want to sound cool.” This conversation made everyone laugh. The atmosphere was good and the work was done smoothly.

Xiao Jing said, “I understand, I understand. I’ll wait for the dubbing and watch it with the dubbing. General Manager, listen to it. Is it cool enough? If you think it’s not cool enough, I’ll adjust it later.”

Xiaoliang not only has a high EQ, but also knows how to read her face. She told me afterwards, think about the results of the dubbing, who will review it? Must be the general manager. If you refute his demand for “the voice sounds cool” at the first time, and make him lose face, no matter how good and cool you dub dubbing, you won’t pass the test a thousand times, so you have to do everything He smiled and said, “No problem.”

Xiaoliang’s high EQ comes from her experience in life. She had a serious illness, and the momentary suffering of life and death taught her to be brave. She told herself that apart from things related to life and death, everything else was trivial and unimportant. Since then, I have also practiced the ability to pretend to be confused.

One day many years ago, she went to the recording studio early to work and rested on her stomach in the recording studio.

After a while, a big brother from the dubbing industry came, and because the doors were not closed, she heard the following dialogue:

Sound engineer: “I didn’t post to Xiaoliang for the dubbing this time, the client appointed her.”

Dubbing brother: “It doesn’t matter, you can tell the client that she is sick or going abroad.”

Sound engineer: “Okay, okay!” The two continued chatting and joking.

Xiao Jing didn’t want to hear the conversation between the two of them criticizing her anymore, so she pretended to be stupid and walked out of the recording studio. When the two of them saw her, their faces turned pale with fright. Xiao Jing just said lightly, “I just fell asleep inside Are you going to start recording?” She worked as usual, pretending that she didn’t hear what the two of them had just said. The sound engineer and the dubbing brother observed her for a while, and then they were relieved to chat and laugh with her…

Whether it is in the workplace or in life and affairs, when we are young, we are always full of blood. What we care about most is how to fight for ourselves. When encountering things, we can’t help but fight hard. After you have a certain amount of life experience, you will gradually know that at the critical moment, the one who can swallow that breath is the real strong.


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