Home cooking can also be zero waste! Due to the transformation of the epidemic, Qingpiao launched a new service of “Safe Family Meal”

"Safe Family Meal"
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Qing Piao is one of the teams participating in the third incubation project of iLab, which reduces the waste of disposable tableware by providing environmentally friendly tableware rental services. Since 2014, Social Enterprise Stream has launched the iLab Incubation Program , which is committed to becoming a growth engine for social innovation entrepreneurs. So far, it has supported more than 100 entrepreneurial teams to start more and far-reaching social influence through business. During the program period, it has Created more than 180,000 beneficiaries, and the total funds raised by the cooperative team exceeded 100 million Taiwan dollars.

During the epidemic, large-scale activities were completely suspended. In the past, Qingpiao, which mainly provided tableware recycling services for road runs and concerts, is now facing a major test of transformation. It needs to find ways to provide convenience to the public as usual in adversity And environmentally friendly services.


Cooking at home becomes the mainstream Circular tableware challenge special action

Since the implementation of the three-level alert at the end of May, the proportion of people using food delivery services in Taiwan has increased by 20%, and the proportion of dining at home has increased by as much as 50%. The Qingpiao team has seen food waste under this trend The burden on the environment caused by cooking, and the burden brought by cooking every day to the cooks at home, so the “Safe Family Meal” service was developed, hoping to see more people can safely eat with their families during the epidemic prevention period. Forget the original intention of protecting the environment.


Proper circulation of the epidemic prevention process is safer than abandoning it

Qingpiao recycling tableware system always cooperates with professional tableware cleaning factories, and uses two high-temperature baking and sterilization in the cleaning process to ensure that all tableware is clean and sterile after cleaning. Wear masks and gloves to hold meals and regularly disinfect the environment with alcohol. In addition, Qingpiao does not forget to put alcohol swabs in the environmentally friendly logistics box it serves, reminding consumers to disinfect the lunch box again before eating to ensure dining hygiene .

The Qingpiao team believes that if recyclable tableware can ensure the hygiene and safety of logistics, warehousing and other links, and at the same time strengthen cleaning and disinfection operations, it can become a safe choice to replace disposable tableware.


It is also environmentally friendly and convenient to have a special person to pick up and deliver delicious food

After the catering industry stopped internal service, it seems that there are only options for eating out and delivery. However, with the rising awareness of environmental protection, even though many people attach great importance to the issue of waste, there is no way to find an environmentally friendly channel to become a solution. square.

Qingpiao’s Anxin family meal service once took a very special order. It was a Ms. Zeng who lived in France and ordered meals for her parents in Taiwan. She originally wanted to help her parents order vegetable boxes to survive the epidemic. , accidentally discovered Qingpiao’s eco-friendly home delivery service on Facebook. Ms. Zeng said that being able to eat her favorite love rice restaurant at home, and the meals are still served in glass lunch boxes, and there is almost no disposable waste, not only makes her parents very happy, but also makes her feel gratified when she is abroad. and rest assured.


Create a circle of goodness with the circular tableware system

As the epidemic has slowed down in recent days, people can go out to buy with more confidence, food choices seem to have become more diverse, and life seems to be gradually returning to the usual beauty. Although the crisis seems to be over and An Xin Family Meal is ready to retire, Qingpiao believes that there are still many people in the society who cannot find a stable job immediately, and it is difficult to get their lives back on track in the short term. Before the official end of the meal service, a two-month cooperation with the Ronin Canteen, donating part of the income creates a good cycle, helping the homeless and the homeless to stand up again in society.

The Homeless Canteen’s “Power Building Project for the Homeless” combines social worker partners to provide professional counseling and consultation for the homeless and the homeless. Through joint discussions and planning of life goals, they accompany them to see a doctor, find a rental house, Learn to save money, and assist in referrals to other work units, and finally allow the homeless to return to society on their own.

From 8/1 to 9/30, for those who order more than 4 boxes of “Anxin Family Meal”, Qingpiao will donate 100 yuan to the Rangren Canteen as operating expenses, so that social workers can return to professionalism without having to do fundraising concurrently Work to help more homeless people see the dawn of life after the epidemic, and also find a home to live in peace of mind.



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