High-tech glass substrates evolve again, Corning trains employees’ AI skills to achieve smart manufacturing

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Corning Incorporated is one of the world’s leading suppliers of materials science, with more than 170 years of life-changing inventions. Corning combines its expertise in glass science, ceramic science and optical physics with deep manufacturing and engineering capabilities to develop innovative products that change industries and improve people’s lives.

Corning is the foreign company with the most complete layout in Taiwan. It combines investment in R&D, technology, manufacturing, engineering and sales. The regional headquarters is located in Taipei. It has established a complete LCD glass substrate production plant in the central and southern science parks. It is also located in Hsinchu Industrial Technology Research Institute It has a Corning R&D Center and a Corning Asia Glass Technology Center in Neihu, Taipei. So far, the total investment in Taiwan has reached US$5 billion, and it continues to introduce advanced glass technology to meet customer needs and support customer development. Today, Corning has stepped into optical communications, mobile consumer electronics, display technology, automotive and life sciences and other industrial markets.

Although it is already a global leader in glass substrates, Corning is still thinking about how to improve quality and service, and a major effort invested in recent years is the digital transformation of the manufacturing process. Under the cooperation of the Digital Industry Agency of the Ministry of Digital Development, the “AI Industry Practical Application Talent Training Program”, Corning cooperated with the Metal Industry Research and Development Center of the Foundation to allow production line engineers to increase production capacity through AI technology.


Develop AI defect detection model, develop production history system to reduce abnormal rate

The Metal Industry Research and Development Center tailor-made a seven-week big data smart manufacturing customized course for production line engineers who do not understand AI, plus seven weeks of special tutoring, allowing engineers to put what they have learned into practice and use AI To improve the process and improve the quality of the glass substrate.

With the assistance of this training program, Corning has developed a set of image recognition system and established an AI model for defect detection, which can communicate with the robot arm in real time, automatically eliminate defective products, and effectively reduce quality problems caused by abnormal packaging materials.

Another outstanding training result of the program is the production history system developed by the production line team, which gives each glass substrate a unique production history. In the past, production line personnel spent 80% of their time collecting data to find the cause of abnormalities, and only 10-20% of their time was spent on troubleshooting. With the production history, engineers can greatly save the time of collecting data to find the cause of abnormalities, and can solve problems more efficiently. This set of AI-based production history system also won the artificial intelligence and machine learning award of the 2022 Manufacturing Leadership Award in the United States.

With the support of this plan, Corning has conducted AI training for three years. In the future, on the road of digital transformation, Corning will continue to introduce new thinking and new technologies to further upgrade production line talents and production processes.

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