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Although Gábor and Monika were engaged, a few days after the fitness woman gave birth, they separated. The sexy blonde found out that her partner cheated on her and allegedly did it even when she was in the maternity ward. However, after several weeks of crisis, they solved their problems and the young mother decided to give the wrestler one more chance.

And maybe today everything would be perfectly fine between them if Gábor’s lover had not returned to the stage. She began posting more photos with the wrestler just days after the couple announced their return. She claimed they were common, and at times it seemed like her intention was to provoke and create suffocation between the two.

However, she absolutely denies it. “The photos I posted with Gábor on Instagram were topical. We spent every moment together. Monika took the whole situation very badly and her only counter-reaction is to share outdated posts on social media about the family happiness and that everything is fine with them, when the reality is completely different,” Réka told eXtra.cz, who added that she and Gábor had broken up, although he allegedly found his happiness with her.

But the reality would be completely different from what he claims. According to our information, it is Réka who publishes outdated images. “She posted these photos on purpose. She does it to turn them off and cause suffocation, because she still can’t get over the fact that Gábor has returned to Monika and their daughter. Humiliated and desperate”, a- we learned from our source close to the couple. Well, people following this whole thing have a similar opinion.

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They charged the black-haired river and did not leave a single dry thread on her. “Wow he’s not ashamed at all. She snored with an engaged guy whose wife just gave birth and she’s gonna brag about it,” read one of the comments in the chat. “That’s crap. Just to get noticed. It doesn’t make sense to me that instead of dragging her feet she’s posting it again and sticking her beak in the camera,” another thinks.

However, Monika was detained. “Hats off to a woman who can take this, can forgive, give a second chance and maintain her level. Because she is first and foremost a mother. You can see that her hentai doesn’t even reach her ankles. That’s probably why Gábor sent it to…”, read one of the comments of support addressed to Monika. Well… Let everyone make up their own mind.

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Cirkus Boráros continues: Her LOVER has spoken… WOW, YOU ARE NOT ASHAMED!

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